This Is Us (S04E10) “A Hell of a Week, Part 2)

Part Two of the Big Three Trilogy takes a look at Kevin as he tries to learn whether he should go back or need to go to move forward.

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“A Hell of a Week, Part 2” starts off where we left off in the previous episode with a young Kevin telling Jack that he couldn’t sleep due to a mobile that Rebecca has donated. Jack tells Kevin that something that’s lost that he loves could always find something else to love. And that was the message throughout the episode for Kevin. As Kevin goes back home to pay respect to Sophie’s mother, who had passed. Through flashbacks, we see how the two might have loved each other but Kevin was a bit much self-centered.

As Kevin meets Sophie at the funeral, the two drive off, eating their favorite donuts. Sophie couldn’t handle the pressure from the funeral and asked Kevin to take her somewhere. That place would be the campsite where they went after seeing a movie (“Good Will Hunting”) that had been ruined. The two promised not to watch the ending because their way of the ending would be what they make of it. But coming to the present day, the two finally watched the entire movie; but as Sophie was ready to go back and drops her off, Kevin sees Sophie’s mother’s grave and talks. But in the end, he let Sophie go and headed over to Kate and Toby’s place to find them gone and seeing Madison; the two talked and that’s who we see Kevin sleeping with when he gets a call from Randall.

As the two talks, they need to get away and they include Kate, who believes her marriage is ending. The three agree to head to the family cabin and into Part 3 where it’s Kate’s turn.

“A Hell of a Week, Part 2”, was another powerful episode in this trilogy and the season. Justin Hartley gives his best performance and Alexandra Breckenridge was at her best as well. The story was well-written with strong character development. It was such a tear-jerking moment when Kevin lets Sophie go. As much as I want to keep believing that Kevin and Sophie would end up together in the end; the way this episode showed with the quote from Jack; how something we love that’s gone we could find something else to love again. That hit me hard. Overall, I give this episode a 9/10.

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