Legends of Tomorrow(S05E04) “Slay Anything”

Alright ladies and gentleman we had a great episode brought to us tonight! This literally brought on new vibes to the episode and a new title sequence, we’ll talk about that and more so let’s get to this review!

In this episode we had another soul from Hell come to wreak havoc on the living. It was the prom night killer who was at first Freddy Meyers (Seth Meriwether) which I find it humorous cause of the last name being Meyers definitely referencing to Michael Meyers from the Halloween movies. I love the whole vibe of the episode it gave the audience a whole 1980’s horror movie vibe.

I loved that the Prom Night Killer also wore a mask that looked a lot like Michael Meyers mask just a little more weirder than his though. But it made the episode give off a great vibe and to give horror fans something to love about an episode of the awesome heroes.

I also had overheard something saying that the title sequence for the episodes will change every week to help the audience get into the vibe of the episode apparently. I don’t know if that’s fully accurate but I like the idea, cause it allows the creative team to be more creative with the title sequence. I liked this first change to help the title look more like a horror movie title. It really did help bring in the horror vibe at the very beginning.

I also liked the score to the episode, Daniel Chan and Blake Neely both did a great job on the score. Making a score that had a horror vibe with the classic horror string leading to the killers next kill. I give both of the composers a great round of applause cause they deserve it. They brought horror to the story and that ending piece of the music leading Constantine (Matt Ryan) through the door definitely a great piece leading to a newly created Constantine theme.

As for the story it was a really great story and I loved that they combined the horror movie stories of Michael Meyers and Prom Night to create their own story that could easily become a Halloween classic episode. You can tell that the writers on this episode had to at least be a little bit of a horror movie fan. But of course the story was able to change the killer from being a man to a woman when the timeline was changed. Thanks to Ray/The Atom (Brandon Routh) and Nate/Steel (Nick Zano) they were able to not have Freddy not be the killer but it was Kathy Meyers (Beth Riesgraf) which was interesting.

Meanwhile Constantine went home so that he could get answers from the one person who could give him any about helping Astra. But there’s a possibility that this person might not help Constantine. But I hope that they eventually give Constantine a bigger role to play in this season and not just have him as a side story like how they’ve been doing with the character in some episodes. One can only hope right?

Next Episode: Legends of Tomorrow(S05E05) “A Head of Her Time” airs Tuesday February 18, 2020 at 9/8c on The CW