Bob Hearts Abishola (S01E15) “Black Ice”

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It is Valentine’s day! Bob and Abishola have to meet in the middle to show affection.

Bob and Abishola are having Valentine’s day dinner.  He gives Abishola a diamond bracelet and professes his love for her. Abishola responds with a thank you. Bob is upset. He drops her off and doesn’t wait for a good night kiss. Bob returns home to the company of Christina and Douglas who are having an alone Valentine’s Day.

The next day, Kofo and Goodwin are in a heated argument. The bone of contention? Kofo’s new scooter. Goodwin warns Kofo about the dangers of riding a scooter. He states that he promised Kofo’s parents that he would look after him. He tells Kofo that if he dies, he (kofo) will have to call and tell them he died. Lol!

Later on, we see Abishola jumps in to apologize because apparently ‘Americans love to jump a lot’. Bob isn’t having it and insists on Abishola saying those 3 little words. He later complains to Dottie. Dottie tells him to quit being a child and focus on the beauty that is Abishola. He later apologizes to Abishola. Abishola also explains that her inability to express herself in the way that Bob wants has nothing to do with him. Bob returns the jumping analogy to signify that he and Abishola are good. They later share a passionate hug and I hope some more.

kofo - Bob Hearts Abishola (S01E15) "Black Ice"

Thanks to Kofo and Goodwin, we get to see the HR genius that is Douglas. He somehow manages to settle the spat between Kofo and Goodwin while being well… Douglas. Kofo and Goodwin are able to settle their differences. Goodwin returns Kofo’s ‘shiny purple helmet’. On his way out, Kofo trips his scooter on Black ice.

Bob Hearts Abishola returns February 17th on CBS.