Bull (S04E14) “Quid Pro Quo”

Bull, in keeping up with newsworthy  (current) events, tackles the crooked admissions and cheats in our Ivy  League colleges.

“Quid Pro Quo”  is a favor  granted or expected, in return for something.  This week,  an esteemed Doctor is accused of bribing his way …or perhaps working an advantage to get into college.  He’s charged, 9 years later with fraud.   

When these stories where breaking, I  asked, “who really cares?”  The answer then and now…”the ones who didn’t get in!” So for the ones who didn’t get in, “this one’s for you”  Yes, once again, ‘not one of my favorite episodes.    

It’s “Bang Bang, there goes your heart”  (love it when they jukebox) playing during a heart surgery. The esteemed Dr Shadid ( Babak Tafti ) holds the organ in his hand. Success! He is arrested, shortly thereafter. 

 The doctor is indicted by a federal grand jury; caught in the admissions scandal, from 2009! He’s charged with illegally paying  Hudson University for admission.  His college education is…illegal.  interesting,  innit?! Even after graduation, you can be prosecuted!  So for all of those  believing they’ve gotten away, you haven’t!  Interesting indeed.   

  Shadid claims he didn’t do it. The prosecutor’s filed fraud!    Shadid is a former juror and  he remembers Bull.

There wasn’t a lot of mystery and fascinating discovery this time.  Although the lengths one will go to secure “fortune and fame” and  “the best that money can buy” always gets my attention. 

However, I find a consciousness that builds character is the true success.  Maybe this is what Bull continues to present to us weekly.  It ain’t about the money or what it can buy,  but it is about the consciousness behind it, whatever “it” is.  Shadid and his truths, peppered with unwavering honesty (instilled by his mom) prevailed.  And this just became a better episode in writing  this up.

On another note, Izzy goes into labor. “Rock a bye baby” hashtag girldad . 

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Enter, “Baby Bull”