Taj Mahal 1989 premieres

It’s a very different world, there’s no Internet and landline phones aren’t common, and it takes place in a time when people were more fearful of losing their love. Its ensemble of characters, unaware of the incoming change are naturally occupied with their own personal issues.

Among them is the Lucknow University couple Akhtar and Sarita Baig, who teach philosophy and physics, respectively. They are stuck in a loveless and sexless marriage with a 12-year-old son.

Akhtar has a younger budding parallel in Angad, a philosophy student of his who does odd sales jobs on the side. Angad considers himself above topics such as love, though he’s decidedly a lot more accepting of sex. He shares this openness with his friend Rashmi Malik, a physics student who’s dating Dharam. He shares a flat with his younger brother Sudhir and Angad.

All episodes available on Netflix.