Will & Grace (S11E10) “Of Mouse and Men”

Impending parenthood is becoming a comforting factor in the lives of Will & Grace. They are excited and want the rest of their important people to know the great news. Some take it better than others, especially when Will’s mother gets involved. (Spoilers Ahead)

Life is just beginning

Marilyn (Blythe Danner) has always been abrasive, and a little rough around the edges. She means well, in her own, roundabout way. It’s time for Will (Eric McCormack) and Grace (Debra Messing) to announce the great news, but there are two very different reactions from Will’s doting mother. She is ecstatic for Will, excited to be a grandma. While Grace is clearly in some sort of crisis, being a single mother, and a terrified one at that. That’s Will’s impromptu cue to leave, as Karen (Megan Mullally) has her own drama that must be smoothed over.

willandgraces11e105 - Will & Grace (S11E10) "Of Mouse and Men"
It isn’t always easy. (Photo by: Chris Haston/NBC)

What kind of drama? Well, the kind that can get people into a lot of trouble these days. When one of Karen’s players makes a gay slur, they need to rectify the situation over before it gets out of control. It doesn’t take Will too long to figure out what’s really going on. Hector (Christian Ochoa), who has stepped out of bounds, is struggling with his own secret, he is gay himself.

It isn’t always so easy to come out, and Will of all people should know that. It isn’t always black and white, even if the secret causes more pain than needed. When someone’s life is in the spotlight, it isn’t so easy to have all eyes on you for something so personal. Although an official statement needs to be made, he isn’t ready to step out from the shadows just yet.

Jack and Estefan Vs. The Mouse

On the other side of the spectrum, it seems as though Jack (Sean) and Estefan (Brian Jordan Alvarez) have a mouse problem. They both want to be the one to solve the problem, so it causes them to butt heads in a stubborn and amusing way. Neither of them wants to be the “Grace” of the relationship, it’s Will who gets things done, isn’t it?

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The mouse wins, every time. (Photo: IMDB)

While they both try to prove each other wrong, the mouse keeps getting the upper hand. Neither of them seems to be able to solve the issue, perhaps they shouldn’t be comparing themselves to their friends, but why not? Will and Grace have an unbreakable friendship, and they are always there for each other, no matter what happens. The mouse has found its way to Will and Grace’s apartment, apparent because of the ear-piercing screams from Will. It’s Grace who gets things done in this situation, proving them all wrong. Maybe being a Grace isn’t so bad after all.

Dog and Baby Show

But wait, it’s not over yet. Marilyn has something up her sleeve for Grace, whether she likes it or not. Some friends of her, who are also dog breeders, have expressed interest in her dog. This gives her another idea,  one with misguided intentions. Grace is excited to meet them,  she foolishly thinks that they are interested in her designing prowess, instead of the baby growing inside of her.

willandgraces11e103 1024x728 - Will & Grace (S11E10) "Of Mouse and Men"
Not the chance meeting Grace was expecting. (Photo: IMDB)

They like what they see, and continue to put Grace through her paces, quite literally, treating her like one of their prized dogs. She finally puts two and two together, realizing there was something more going on, and it was much more than she bargained for. They want to adopt her unborn baby. That is swiftly taken off the table, and Marilyn has a lot of explaining to do.

In her eyes, she wanted to help Grace, by taking the burden of being a single mother off her plate. It’s not her choice to make though, and what’s so wrong with being a single mother? Marilyn herself ended up raising her three boys on her own. Will grew up to be a wonderful human being, so she did something right. With Grace’s own mom out of the picture, she needs someone to be that grandma, plus, she won’t be doing it on her own. Will is by her side too.

Closing Thoughts:

It’s another episode where Karen is off-screen, and her absence is definitely noticed. The dynamics are better with her around. There is so much going on in these characters’ lives, and they need each other more than ever. Together, they are better, in almost every single way. With two babies coming, they will need that support.


You can catch a new episode of Will & Grace on Thursday, February 20 on NBC at 9/8c.


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