Legacies (S02E13) “You Can’t Save Them All”

v1 - Legacies (S02E13) "You Can't Save Them All"

Betrayals, redemption and revelations made this episode of Legacies a must watch for every fan of the show and it’s parent shows. This recap contains spoilers and if you haven’t yet seen it, kindly stop reading NOW! To catch up on last weeks episode, check here.

Say what you will about Kai Parker, but he has proven to be the worse monster anyone can face. From his appearances on TVD, Kai has been an evil feared by many and admired by his audience. Chris wood did not fail to bring the monster we love to hate to life in this week’s episode of Legacies.

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While pretending to be an old friend of Ric (“I was at his wedding, I brought quite the gift”), Kai infiltrates the Salvatore school. He does this by compelling Dorian into letting him into the school. I had completely forgotten that Kai was now a heretic. Inside the house, Kai finds his way to Alyssa Chang and convinces her to un-tether from the prison world. He ‘forgets’ however to tell her that this would destroy the prison world and everyone in it. Kai also compels Dorian to drag Landon out to the woods and hold him for the Necromancer (or his faithful goon) to shoot him with the golden arrow, fulfilling the prophesy.

Kai being the great ‘multi-tasker’ he is, also manages to keep Hope completely distracted until she had just enough time to either save Landon or the Saltzmans. She and Kai battle (a scene I think could’ve been better and a bit longer). She overpowers him and chooses to save the Saltzmans instead. Thankfully for Landon, Dorian is able to find a loophole in his compulsion and takes the arrow for Landon. Landon develops wings of fire and flies him back to the school where he gets the appropriate treatment he needs to stay alive.

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I knew Legacies was going to improve on Landon’s powers. I mentioned in an earlier post that we were going to get a big Phoenix reveal. Although we got to see him levitate 2 episodes ago, I must say the wings of fire was a nice touch. Very Phoenix-like. (Someday, we will talk about why Landon rises from his ashes fully clothed).

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Back in the Prison world, Josie full of dark magic ‘flips’ Jade’s switch just as she’s about to kill Alaric. I must say, dark Josie is really stunning and also bad-ass. She leads Alaric to Lizzie’s crash and they rescue her. Jade walks Alaric through the medical procedure to save Lizzie’s life. Josie goes on to explain her plot to free them from the prison world and Alaric volunteers to stay behind and be the new anchor. Sebastian appears at the last minute to save Alaric from Diego and being the anchor (“Some people don’t know what to do with a second chance”).  I wasn’t very sure where Legacies was going with the whole Sebastian plot, but I can say that this was a fitting ending to his character. Assuming of course he didn’t jump into the Malivore pit as Lizzie suggested to him in her astral projection.

Josie still possesses her dark powers as we see in the final scenes. Dark Josie is fun and I am really excited to see where they take her character from here. She definitely isn’t the naive little girl she was at the start of the show.

Finally! Kai’s beheading. We know he had that coming and who else to behead him but the man whose wife he murdered, on their wedding day no less! I knew it was coming, but I still felt a chill when his head fell to the ground.

A few questions before I sign off. How in the name of Malivore did Raf end up in tied  in a random trailer? What’s next for the Necromancer? Will Jade and her friend from the Prison world remain in the Salvatore school? Did Sebastian use the pit? Has the prophecy been broken? Does Dorian have some sort of power that we are not yet aware of? Hopefully subsequent episodes will provide some of the much needed answers to these questions.

This was a great episode I must confess and I am really excited to hear what you guys think. So let’s hear your thoughts on this episode.

Legacies air thursdays at 9/8c on The CW