Supergirl(S05E12) “Back from the Future-Part Two”

Alright ladies and gentleman, we had a great episode brought to us tonight! We waited three weeks for part two and the episode was worth the wait! So let’s get to this review!

We learned how the evil Toyman Winn (Jeremy Jordan) cheated death by using a code that he created that allowed him to be anywhere and everywhere in the machine. I don’t know about you, but doesn’t that sound like the worst thing that could ever happen? I mean any Toyman stuck in the A.I. world that could control machines is quite worrisome. Why ? Because it brings about the fear of a mechanical apocalypse. Have you never seen the Matrix?

With all horrible things that happened this episode, it looked like Alex (Chyler Leigh) will be the voice and helper of “Watch Tower” instead of leading DEO. (It’s currently called”The Tower,” but it will be called “Watch Tower” one day.) For the time being, however, Alex will be safe from anything that might end up coming their way.

We also had Winn (also Jeremy Jordan) tell Team Supergirl about his Legion name,  which was Computer Lad. (Computer Lad has no affiliation with the DC universe and was created for the show.) I really liked the name because it suits Winn a lot. Before Winn chose to go live in the future, he was always Kara/Supergirl’s (Melissa Benoist) “guy in the chair.” Giving him some kind of superhero name is awesome.

It was so good to have this two part episode because I feel like it properly ended the present timeline with Winn. After all, we never knew if Winn’s dad, Winslow (Henry Czerny), died when he gave his life in that one episode from Season 2 or 3 (I think). However, last night, we did have our answer this season. Yes, Winslow was still alive or at least his consciousness was still alive in the machine.  He wanted to help his own son take down the evil Toyman.

Granted that Winn didn’t believe his father, his father kept trying anyway. When Winn went into the machine with some of his Legionnaire tech, he had help from his father to eliminate Winslow and evil Toyman.  Winslow truly became a real hero when it came down to it and I hope he will even see and remember what his father did.

As for Andrea (Julie Gonzalo), she was right in the path of Leviathan again. However, it was her boss, Gemma Cooper (Cara Buono), who was having her strings pulled by the evil Organization of the Shadows. It still makes us wonder, did Leviathan’s leadership remain the same or is it different? We know that Margot (Patti Allan) is back alive, so what else has or hasn’t changed about the evil organization? We’ll find out soon enough, I suppose.

Next Episode: Supergirl(S05E13) “It’s a Super Life” on Sunday February 23, 2020 at 9/8c on The CW