Young Sheldon (S03E15) “A Boyfriend’s Ex-Wife and a Good Luck Head Rub”

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Young Sheldon Poster (Photo from: IMDB)


Young Sheldon takes on new topics this week, hinting on breaking stereotypes and mistreatment of women in workplaces.

yss3e15 300x200 - Young Sheldon (S03E15) "A Boyfriend's Ex-Wife and a Good Luck Head Rub"
Connie(left) and June(right) watching a baseball practice. (Photo                from: IMDB)

(Warning: Spoilers Ahead!)

A symbiotic group project

The episode starts as usual with the narration of Jim Parsons, stating what he likes and what he don’t like. This time, it’s group projects. But not just any group project, a physics college class group project, and that means that not everyone’s classmates all the time (and everyone’s grumpy), including Sheldon who has to go home right after his class. Mary came to pick up Sheldon and prepare his scheduled Bubble Bath (which is what old people do, according to Sheldon), and she suggests that the group do their project in the Cooper’s household.

Moving on, the group met on the Cooper household, complete with Sheldon’s groupmate’s laundry and homemade cookies. They argued on which theory they will pursue for their project and they fail to make progress because of their disagreement. Sheldon decides to work on it alone, while the male group member watches football with George and the female member smokes a cigarette with Mary checking in on her. While watching, George told the college guy that he didn’t know that [a guy that knows] science and sports was a thing, which is about the aforementioned breaking of stereotypes. George also gave him advice that he should be thankful for what he has while he’s still young because “this is as good as it gets”.

ysgeorge 1024x569 - Young Sheldon (S03E15) "A Boyfriend's Ex-Wife and a Good Luck Head Rub"
George Cooper, a good father despite his drinking problems. (Photo from: IMDB)

On the other hand, the female group member vents her frustrations out on a fellow woman, Mary, and told her how men treats women in the workplace and in their field. She followed that Mary’s not making women’s situation any better because of how he spoils Sheldon and cooks for him and does his laundry, etc. (basically, she’s not helping women’s case because she’s a good mother/parent). Mary retaliates and tells her that living this life is her choice and she’s proud of it. After their discourse, Sheldon’s group got on track again and worked together, for almost four minutes.

The DaleStorm
YSs3e15 2 1024x719 - Young Sheldon (S03E15) "A Boyfriend's Ex-Wife and a Good Luck Head Rub"
Don’t tell them they have grandchildren. (Photo from: IMDB)

At the beginning of the episode, we see Connie meet June, a new character (Coach Dale’s ex-wife), which quickly becomes Connie’s friend. As soon as they’re on good terms, Connie admits to June that she’s dating her ex-husband. June told Connie that she knows, and that she was waiting for her to admit it. They laugh and June proposed that they get together soon. Coach Dale confronts Connie and suggested that his ex-wife and current girlfriend drinking together would be a little weird. He proposed that if she’s going because she wanted to know his secrets, he can tell them personally. He was a 100% sure that June is going to tell Connie about the time Dale left her out of the house while there’s a hailstorm outside, and she’s naked, holding a golf club. When Connie asked her about this, she just said “You know, it’s the 70’s.”
Connie meets June in a bar and they talk about Dale. John Sturgis meets them in the bar coincidentally.

John: “June? After Juno, wife of Jupiter and Queen of the Gods?”
June: “No, (June) after the fact that my mom got knocked up in June.”
John: “Ribald! Wonderful.”

John told June that camping with dale (from S03E13) was terrible. John knows about sports terms now, and is apparently well-known in the bar. The patrons even rub his head for good luck to their team. The day after, John asks Connie for June’s number. He calls her and asks if she has any romantic interests in him. June tells him no, and John replies that she’s still heartbroken over Connie that’s why he took the chance. June answers surely that she would not write off Connie just yet, because of how she looks at John. Dr. Sturgis asks “How do you people do it?” referring to reading the room or other people’s body language.

Others + Final verdict:

Georgie and Missy were at the sidelines today, as they went to bond in the mall. Missy saw her crush at the mall, and Georgie asks why she won’t talk to him. She told thim because he’s so beautiful, which Georgie scorned at. He declares that he won’t call anyone beautiful except himself and ‘maybe’ David Hasselhoff.
Today’s episode is a little bit pedestrian, but I did like the introduction of a new character, which had good charisma and chemistry with John and Connie. I also think that the ‘love triangle’ plotline between John, Connie and Dale is a good addition, as it gives ample screentime to Connie. I love her rhetoric by the way. Sheldon’s storyline in this ep is okay. Add another entry to Sheldon’s not-to-do list. However, Dr. John Sturgis’ obliviousness about other people’s feelings is getting on my nerves a little bit. It’s obvious that Connie still likes her, and she just doesn’t want to admit it because we know she’s a prideful Texan woman. The reason it ticks me off is because he’s obviously an older version of Sheldon, and we don’t need another needier and older Sheldon.


Sheldon Cooper’s Uber-Fun Fact (SCUFF):

The cow in the opening represents them being in Texas, Sheldon’s hometown. His Texan upbringing is apparent in The Big Bang Theory occasionally, with his accent and his actions.