Fresh Off The Boat (S06E02-03) “College”/”Grandma’s Boy”

With the fear of Y2K and a secret story, to even Jenny’s retirement? Here’s a recap!

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As Eddie gives his idea of what Y2K would be (like The Matrix); Jessica has plans for Eddie to study for the college exam while she studies as well. As they study, Eddie tells Jessica that he wants to have a fun time at college, but she has other plans for him like going to Harvard or Yale. Fortunately, when Louis tells Jessica of an idea to take the family to California and show Eddie UCLA; that got her to agree.

Yet when Eddie and Louis try to show Jessica that it’s fun; things take a turn as she learns that UCLA is a tough college to get into, which makes her get Eddie to learn what it takes to be a student there.  Eddie bails on the tour and just when they meet the Dean of the College, Eddie decides to not want to go at all. Soon Jessica tells Eddie about her time at college and how the nickname “Messy Jessy” was born. After their talk, Eddie agrees to keep an open mind and drops a balloon full of shaving cream on Louis.

Meanwhile, Evan, Emery, and Grandma play with the Y2K scare and go out to do whatever; from signing up for credit cards and using them to spend on expensive stuff. While Grandma was having a time of her life with a Danny DeVito double, Evan and Emery learn that sometimes it’s just not fun without the other.  Aside from that, they decide that they would rather spend Y2K with each other than what they just did.

“College” was such a good and funny episode. The story between Jessica and Eddie had to have been another favorite of mine as they keep learning that they are just alike. The Y2K was funny for the first half of the episode, but pretty much died off after. However, the Matrix scenes with Eddie, Louis, and Jessica were outstanding and hilarious. Overall, I give this episode an 8/10.

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“Grandma’s Boy”

After Marvin’s retirement party, Jenny wants a retirement party too. She announces it at Marvin’s party and gives Louis a list of what she wants for gifts. That is until Louis just gives her a party with no gifts at all. Soon, Louis gets his brother Gene, who happens to have found peace, to help with their mother’s issue; but instead creates more problems when Gene gets Jenny the hot tub she wanted. Louis realizes that he too has to let it go and apologizes to Gene and thanks to him for the help while in the hot tub.

Meanwhile, Evan believes that he had told Marvin about a secret story while he was under laughing gas. Fear sparked within Emery and Eddie, so the three try to come up with leverage on Marvin. The four eventually meet to talk it over and after learning about a couple of secrets, they agree to keep each other’s secret to themselves.

“Grandma’s Boy” felt like an average episode that had some good laughs, but didn’t really sell like the previous two episodes. Ken Jeong was really good and the Gene and Louis story was as good too. Unfortunately, it was the secret story that really fell flat and even the title of the episode as well. This could have been called Mama’s Boy or something. I figured this episode was going to be about one of the boys and Jenny, but it turns out it was not. Overall, I give this episode a 7/10.

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