Fresh Off The Boat (S06E06-07) “Chestnut Garden”/”Practicum?!”

The Chestnut is back and causing trouble plus Evan makes a new friend that Jessica isn’t happy about. Here are recaps of episodes six and seven of Fresh Off The Boat.

jessica and louis fresh off the boat s6e6 - Fresh Off The Boat (S06E06-07) "Chestnut Garden"/"Practicum?!"

“Chestnut Gardens”

The Chestnut is back! Matthew Chestnut returns and it makes Jessica, Eddie, and Trent all suspicious of his return. Jessica sees that Chestnut has taken Louis away from his passion of starting a garden. She then sets up a plan with Eddie and Trent to get Chestnut out of Cattlemen. After Louis learns what has happened, he tells Jessica that he is disappointed in her. She later learns that Louis did in fact start that garden, but handed it off to Jenny. Jessica tells Louis that she’s happy that his next career move is business consulting.

Meanwhile, Honey asked Emery and Evan to babysit Marvin while he’s on his boat. Emery thinks that Marvin is just old-school when it comes to being disrespectful to women. After teaching Marvin how to be a 90s gentleman, it turns out that the trash-talking comes from Honey, herself.  The situation makes Emery question his perspective on women, but Evan gives him a pep talk that helps him.

“Chestnut Gardens” was a good episode. Matthew Chestnut’s return, which created a conflict with Jessica, Eddie and Trent about Louis was very good and had excellent character development for both Louis and Jessica. At first, I thought the Evan/Emery/Marvin story was going to be a snooze, but the ending had a very surprising and heartfelt moment. Overall, I give this episode an 8/10.

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When Evan starts wearing a necklace, Jessica starts to worry about him. She further investigates by using her shadow teacher at Evan’s school. There she meets Evan’s new friend Geoff and starts embarrassing Evan with remarks including his boom booms with applesauce. Evan tries to get his mother out of his school and when Jessica sees how he’s been acting, she turns to Emery. She learns from Emery that Evan just needs his space as he’s growing. As she confronts Evan at Geoff’s party, they both apologize.

Allen Iverson is coming to Orlando and Eddie wants a signed jersey from him, but Jessica and Louis won’t let him skip school. However, Louis learns that Eddie is writing a paper on his hero for a scholarship, which happens to be about Iverson. A jealous Louis picks Eddie up from school to take him to see Iverson. However, Louis tries too hard when he fakes a car problem which turns into an actual car problem. Soon Eddie learns the truth and forgives Louis who finally takes him to get that jersey signed and even gets banned from all NBA games.

“Practicum?!” was a very good episode from start to finish. While I’ve been loving the dynamic between Eddie and Jessica; the character and relationship growth between Jessica and Evan through the last couple of seasons have been amazingly well-written. The Eddie and Louis story was just hilarious at times and even the pop culture references in this episode couldn’t be denied on how funny they still were. Overall, I give this episode a 9/10.

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