Bob Hearts Abishola (S01E16) “Where’s Your Other Wives, Tunde?”

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This episode of Bob hearts Abishola brings to us lots of laugh and a clearer, more-defined relationship status of our favourite couple. For a recap on our previous review, click here.

Dottie is gradually gaining control of her body. Thumbs up Dottie! With the hard work of Abishola as Dottie noted, we have seen her health gradually improve since she had her stroke. Meanwhile, Olu and Tunde are still angry with Dottie over her insistence on a pre-nup. An issue Bob declares as ridiculous given that he and Abishola ‘barely have a real relationship’. Abishola doesn’t take too kindly to this. She asks Bob what he means and he mentions the fact that they haven’t yet had sex. I was wondering this as well especially after last week’s Valentine’s episode. Abishola informs Bob that she has never had sexual relations outside of marriage.  She later suggests that they take a break.

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In all this, Olu, Tunde and Dottie settle their differences. Their conversation evolves to men marrying multiple wives in Nigeria. Olu and Tunde explains the arrangement between the first wife and the others that follow. Their interactions, fights and well, death plots. To be honest, they were not very far from the truth. They wrap up dinner with Douglas and Christina ‘oohing’ and ‘awing’.

The following day, Bob asks for advice from Kofo and Goodwin on how to handle the issue between him and Abishola. They tell him to move on from Abishola and Kofo says if he were in Abishola’s shoes, he would satisfy Bob everyday… once or twice a week.

Both Bob and Abishola spend the day being miserable. They can’t seem to focus or enjoy the day. Later that night, Abishola calls Bob and tells him that sex between the both of them is not completely off the table. Bob goes on to have a celebratory cake at the end of the conversation.

This episode was really good in my opinion. We continue to see new layers of the relationship between Bob and Abishola. They have a really promising future and I’m really excited to see where their relationship goes.

In all honesty, I give this episode an 8/10 )which seems rather consistent). Lol.

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Bob hearts Abisola returns March 9 on CBS.