Bull (S04E15) “Flesh and Blood”

“Bull  is called to the defense of an old friend accused of killing her wealthy father to gain her inheritance”  

It’s a card game with high stakes and Vivian (Anna Wood)  cannot get in. She goes home to a caregiver, Cecilia (Sol Miranda) and dad, Terrence (Jonathan  Hogan) ill and very mean! 

 It’s tea,  pills, sunshine, and fresh air for dad the following morning.   Viv puts him on the deck while she showers.  He’s  dead when she returns. 

A bloody poker iron is on the ground, as she calls out for him.  Blunt force trauma to the head. She didn’t touch it, thank you!  However, she’s still arrested.

It’s Patricide and she calls Bull. They played cards back in the day, which he probably still owes her! 

Viv is a professional gambler and in a $300k hole to an Asher Ray.  She stands to inherit $27M, solving her cash problems. 

Patricide for profit means 1st degree murder! I was interested at the bloody poker!

Back on the home front, Bull and Izzy cannot  agree on “Ingrid or Asa,” so she’s still “baby Bull.” 

Back in the court house,  Benny has indigestion, claiming a poor breakfast. He appeared to be sweating.  “Rut Roh”  There was obvious pain and discomfort; so I waited for him to collapse. He finally did during cross. “Someone call 911!”  

This episode returns to the “Who done it?” with added features.  “What’s wrong with Benny?”  “What’s my name?” (Baby Bull)  and  a “baby daddy” curve ball, featuring Alex Hazen Floyd as Daniel Zabinski.

Gladly…sort of, Benny’s appendix bursts.  Prone to infection…Chunk, the 3rd year law student and intern steps up. He’s  1st chair, supervised by Benny…from his hospital bed.  He was good; not Benny good, but he was good.

Sidebar: I like Chunk bald. 

Screenshot 2020 02 19 22 43 52 1 300x157 - Bull (S04E15) "Flesh and Blood"
Benny’s burst! Appendix