DC Comics: Harleen

geI I only have one thing to say to Harley Quinn fans; read this comic. Seriously, read it! For the love of Harley Quinn, read it and you will thank me for it later! For now, let’s get to this review!

In this DC Black Label comic, we meet a young Harley Quinn (originally known as Harleen Quinzel.) Back then, her future as a psychiatrist was very bright. Even her theory provided possible explanation as to why criminals commit wrongful acts (it was a really good theory). She had so much promise with her research, but things, I suppose, were not really meant to be.

The comic goes deeper into the mental strain and apparently nightmares of what drove Harley to become The Joker’s lover. To be honest, after reading this story, I felt sorry for the woman. She truly was a remarkable woman who didn’t live the best life. However, she  conspired with a friend to try to sell her ideas to companies. In the end, the only one who became Harley’s friend and lover was Joker. As it turns out, the story changed Harley’s origin only a little bit, but I won’t spoil it!

The story also  focuses on Harvey Dent and his transition from Gotham’s District Attorney to Two-Face. I loved how they allowed us to see Harley and Dent’s characters transform into what we have come to love in all their iterations. Harvey Dent’s story is literally one of the most amazing stories written. I like how it reflects back to our parent’s comics with Harvey in court and getting hit in the face with acid. Well, this story goes back more into that original story it happening outside of the courthouse on live TV. The story behind Harvey’s coin changed too (which I don’t want to spoil it), but I’ll say it was interesting.

I classify the art and story done by Stjepan Sejic to be one of the best that I’ve come across in a very long time. It’s an amazing story and the art is so realistic that it makes you think you are reading a book for a movie. The story really dives into the Harley Quinn’s mentality and the story’s writing is perfection.

The lettering done by Gabriela Downie is amazing. Her changes in the story’s lettering distinguishes which character is speaking. Two Face and Harvey Dent are two prime examples of Gabriela Downie’s expertise.  I can definitely call myself a fan now of both Gabriela Downie and Stjepan Sejic.

Harleen is a fantastic read and I highly recommend it to all Harley Quinn fans. (Especially if you are ever curious about the origin of the character.)

DC Comics Harleen is now out in your local bookstore and comic book store, you can also find it on Amazon.