Will & Grace (S11E11) “Accidentally on Porpoise”

In this episode of Will & Grace, the anxieties that are attached to becoming a parent seem to be too much for Will. Can he find a sense of peace and balance before he goes off the deep end? (Spoilers Ahead)

Third times the charm?

Will (Eric McCormack) has taken it upon himself to play “pretend” with a watermelon, to prepare himself for the life of being a father. While Grace (Debra Messing) has a very different approach, on the outside she doesn’t seem worried, but inside, she’s just as freaked out as Will. Life is unexpected and sometimes you can’t prepare for everything. Cue the awkward elevator ride with James (Matt Letscher). He extends an olive branch in the guise of swimming with the newest addition to the aquarium, a porpoise.

willandgraces11e11 - Will & Grace (S11E11) “Accidentally on Porpoise”
Disaster in progress. (Photo by: Chris Haston/NBC)

He seems to be attracted to chaos and to Grace. I mean, she couldn’t do anything worse now, could she? What could possibly go wrong if she is left to her own devices at the aquarium? You can see where this is heading. Instead of waiting for James, she can’t help, but take a selfie with the porpoise. This leads us to the series of unfortunate events that include her accidentally violating the porpoise, possibly disrupting the continuation of a species and costing James his job.

Even after all that, James wants just one more chance. You’d think that by now, he would’ve learned. They aren’t compatible in the way he wants, even if he is falling for her. How can Grace be with him when he has such a terrible choice in women? She has a point, after all she has done, he still wants more. Something is clearly wrong with him and that’s saying something.

Peace be with you

Stress, it’s part of becoming a parent, but Will is having a hard time dealing with it. It all comes to a turning point when his temporary “baby” meets the floor. There are some things that you just can’t plan for, no matter how hard you try. It doesn’t take Jack (Sean Hayes) long to swoop in and interrupt a potential breakdown. He has just the place for Will to find some peace. What depraved place could he possibly take Will to? A church. It seems as though Jack is full of surprises.

willandgraces11e117 - Will & Grace (S11E11) “Accidentally on Porpoise”
Smitty to the rescue! (Photo by: Chris Haston/NBC)

Karen (Megan Mullally) comes along for the adventure and her involvement makes the story so much better. She brings a different, dramatic, and unapologetic dynamic. Of course, she ends up finding herself in confessional, which isn’t as enlightening as you’d think. She humors the priest though, but he’s in for a bumpy ride. Smitty (Charles C. Stevenson, Jr.) makes a special appearance, giving her a much-needed reprieve (cocktail) from her many “sinful” stories. She has always laughed at Smitty’s pain, but has she been wrong? It seems as though they both need each other in their lives, exactly as they are. Karen will do what she does, but we love her because of it.

Better together

Faith had been a big part of Will’s life when he was growing up. He felt a little less alone until the cruel reality set in. People like him didn’t belong in a place like that. He struggles with believing in something he can’t see while Jack is secure in his own beliefs. It’s something that so many people out there struggle with and there is no wrong answer. Some connect with a higher power and others find peace their own way.

willandgraces11e113 - Will & Grace (S11E11) “Accidentally on Porpoise”
Strength in numbers and friends. (Photo: Google)

Jack has become such a well-rounded character, there are depths to him that didn’t seem possible. Who knew that Will would find his greatest comfort in his closest friend? Sometimes we need to let go of the worry and let others shoulder the burden. This is exactly the perspective that Will has needed, now perhaps he will be able to move forward.

Closing thoughts:

There was a lot to unpack in this episode; touching on some real-life issues. In a world filled with so much seriousness, melding it with a comedic twist is welcomed. Karen is back in this episode, which makes it much more entertaining. Fans miss her when she isn’t on the screen.

You can catch a new episode of Will & Grace on Thursday, February 27 on NBC at 9/8c.

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