MacGyver (S04E03) “Kid + Plane + Cable + Truck”

This season of MacGyver is already boasting action-packed sequences, making each passing episode edge-of-your-seat worthy. Maybe there is such a thing as being in the right place at the right time. (Spoilers Ahead)

No rest for the not-so-wicked

With little to no reprieve from one secret mission to the next, their next mission finds them in midair. There’s a ghost plane in their vicinity and in need of their help. Although Russ (Henry Ian Cusick) is questioning whether they should intervene or not, Matty (Meredith Eaton) and the others can’t let a possible crash occur, especially when it turns out that a child is on board.

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No one gets harmed on Matty’s watch. (Photo: Google)

MacGyver’s (Lucas Till) mind works in overdrive as they find a way to restore communication to the other plane. Asher (Christopher Convery), the boy, is one resilient kid. His father is unconscious, but he doesn’t miss a beat. There is something reminiscent about him, he’s like a younger version of MacGyver. As the fuel gauge dips, they need to find a way to reach them and land the plane safely.

As we have learned on this show, never count MacGyver out. The pressure may be on, but that is when he works best. With unconventional ideas, bordering on the line of insane, sometimes that’s what you need in dire situations like this. How does one get from one plane to the next? The world’s scariest Zipline. Desi (Levy Tran), shows no fear, she is a badass who knows how to get things done, on the other hand, MacGyver is a little more apprehensive to make that terrifying leap. Sometimes, you need a little push (Thanks Russ!).

The Calvary has arrived

Throughout this episode, there is constant bickering between Desi and MacGyver. They need to learn to get over their issues and work together, there are more pressing matters at hand (like a possible plane crash). Especially when it comes to light that Asher’s father, (Ben Joe Williamson), has been poisoned. As an inspector, his job can make or break a project, so it seems as though someone had it out for him.

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No pressure to save the day. (Photo: Google)

This makes the situation even more pressing, not only do they need to find a place to land the plane, but they need to get him to the hospital. In times like these, no one person is more important than the next. Everyone in the team has something to contribute to the dynamic, it’s why they do what they do. Matty and Bozer (Justin Hires) are on the ground tracking the mechanic, while Russ and Riley are in the sky pulling their own proverbial strings. They are all better together.

Taking a leap of faith

There is an undeniable power struggle between Matty and Russ. He isn’t used to giving up control or sharing it. Matty has been through it all with the team, she isn’t about to lead them astray now. Trapped between his two authority figures, Bozer’s test happens when he tracks down the mechanic. In the end, he needs to make a snap decision whether they like it or not. The risk pays off, subduing the perpetrator with a little improvisation, but Bozer ends up getting poisoned as well.

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Bozer knows how to get things done! (Google)

Just add that to the list of chaos in this episode, which seems to grow with each passing moment. Towards the sky, time is running out and fuel is running low. Thanks to out of the box thinking, MacGyver is able to buy Riley (Tristin Mays) and Russ more time, who are now safely on the ground. With a broken landing gear, the situation looks dire. They may be going down, but don’t ever count them out.

In a now-or-never decision, a stress-inducing and insanity driven idea is their only hope. They need to land the plane on top of the truck that Riley and Russ are in. When there is a will, there is a way, and when there is MacGyver, anything is possible. Against all odds, they are able to pull another win out of the chaos. These close calls make for one hell of an episode.

Grounded and Alive

With enough death-defying acts under their belt, it helps them put life into perspective. Desi and MacGyver work well as partners, not as lovers. Being on the same page, after all this time sure helps as well. Neither of them is perfect, but we wouldn’t want them to be. Family and friendship run deep in this show and it’s nice to see it as a continuing trend.

Matty and Russ have a few moments to clear the air as well. She is good at what she does and there is no denying it. Russ needs her there, so does the team. It’s not easy for him to step away from his pride and admit defeat. Unwinnable battles happen once in a while. There is only one boss and that is Matty. Russ is just along for the ride (and his many, convenient connections).

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Time to make things right. (Photo: Google)

It’s time for MacGyver to take a good look at his life and the people he surrounds himself with. There’s one person he hasn’t been on good terms with for a while, his father, whom Russ has been in contact with. It’s hard to get over the betrayal, but he only has one father. Perhaps it’s time to forgive and extend that olive branch.

Closing Thoughts

The intensity of this episode is due to the wonderful writing and the phenomenal cast. They are able to bring these stories to life, leaving the viewers breathless. The impressive direction that the story seems to be going in has a darkness at the edge of the horizon. Each win will bring them closer to devastation and it’s merely the beginning.

Codex is rising.

You can catch a new episode of MacGyver on Friday, February 28 on CBS at 8/7c.

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