Batwoman(S01E13) “Drink Me”

So a bat, a vampire, and a crazy lady sit next to each other in a bar… I think you can guess where the joke is going, so I think we should get to this review for Batwoman!

In this episode, we meet our new weekly villain who is taking quite a bite into crime. She literally makes everyone believe that she was a vampire. Quite similar to the ones in the movies who say “I want to drink your blood.” With the joking aside, this weekly villain brings Halloween vibes to this episode, which I love.

Our weekly villain is Nocturna aka Natalia Knight (Kayla Ewell). In the series, she has a skin condition that forced her to burn in the sunlight. You can see based on that how people could mistake her for being a vampire, but that’s not all.  Nocturna also needs to consume fresh bags of blood due to her kidneys not functioning well. This explains why she drains her victims of everything.

Now in the comics, Natalia’s Nocturna has a huge run in with Batman, his partner, Spoiler, Robin, and other superheroes. Natalia also has a way of getting information with a certain pheromone that has to be smelled. However, she still needs blood and has to stay out of the sun. (At least they gave her most of her identity in the series from the comics.)

Kate/Batwoman (Ruby Rose) needs to think of ways to take down the villain, but we also see her grieve other Beth (Rachel Skarsten). Even Alice (also Rachel Skarsten) tries pulling the guilt card towards Kate, but it doesn’t work. It seems like  Kate is doing what Alice always feared she would do in this episode. Giving up on her sister and treating her like a thug villain could make things more interesting. Perhaps create a Kate and Alice relationship  that is more like Joker and Batman’s.

it looks like Alice has figured out who has her little Mouse. However, what will Alice do to save her Mouse from being held captive? Well, we can see that she is definitely going crazy without him. Perhaps she will not think rationally and make mistakes that will catch the eyes of the Crows. With the Crows thinking that Alice is dead and trying to figure out who killed her I’m sure that it will drive many crazy when they find out that Alice isn’t dead.

I’m really hoping that one day we have Nocturna break out of Arkham and wreak more havoc on Gotham. Maybe one day, we will have her team up with a well-known villain who’s already in Arkham. (The two will then cause some kind of trouble.) I wouldn’t mind them having her return in Season 2 and make the episode on day before or on Halloween.

Did Mary (Nicole Kang) just figure out that Kate is Batwoman? Will she confront Kate about it? All I know is that we might be having a personal doctor for the Batcave.

Next Episode: Batwoman (S01E14) “Grinning From Ear to Ear” airs Sunday March 8, 2020 at 8/7c on The CW