The Owl House (S01E06) “Hooty’s Moving Hassle”

A new episode of  The Owl House has premiered. The Owl House has entertained once again with both humor and humanity. ‘Hooty’s Moving Hassle’ was a stellar episode.


Hexas Hold ‘Em


Long ago when I was young, most parts of card games were boring to me. Those parts would be improved if I had powerful magic to play them with. The scene we begin with proves just that. To intervene the boredom, the witch Eda (Wendie Malick) plays Hexas Hold ‘Em. Injured sentient cards fall as Eda and King (Alex Hirsch) play. Their suffering ends when Eda plays a ‘wild card’, helping her win.


Long ago, Hayao Miyazaki’s ‘Howl’s Moving Castle’ was released. Dana Terrace was justifiably influenced by this film as seen here. There were Mike Mignola influences here, as well. Him and Miyazaki both introduced the idea of a house with legs along with other monsters. The drink Eda needs also has many fantasy horror influences. A solvent to her curse, she has to go to the market for it. Covering her back is her entourage of Luz and King like usual. In the market scene, this episode’s Luz storyline came into play. Eda having to go to the night market is also introduced, but I’ll cover that later.


Moonlight Conjuring


Sarah-Nicole Robles is doing phenomenally as she voices Luz.  ‘Who hurt my babies’ Luz asks when she finds the crestfallen Willow and Gus while helping Eda to find her elixir. Vigilante mode engaged when Luz found out. ‘It’s them,’ Willow says as she points to the mean witches. Willow and Gus tells Luz about the annual Moonlight Conjuring you need three people for. ‘I’m three people…  we’re three people,’ says Luz. The cookies that King is probably stealing seems like a better idea than what Luz is suggesting. A lover of half-baked ideas, Luz volunteers to help the duo do a Moonlight Conjuring.


The faces of Willow and Gus light up when they come up with this plan to do a Moonlight Conjuring. Gus and Willow will meet up with Luz at Eda’s house tonight. Parts of the plan don’t work, though, Eda absolutely detests everything about Bonesborough’s version of a slumber party. Mischief smells all over as she asks Eda if she could have Willow and Gus over. Her valuable artifacts and the house, itself, would be in too much danger with three kids doing a Moonlight Conjuring..(which has the purpose of animating an inanimate object.)


Our nascent witches are in luck because Eda will be going out for the night. Eda learned that the day market ran out of her Owl’s cure. ‘An extra pair of hands in case she wants to pickpocket,’ is the reason Eda is taking King along. Him and Eda go search for the Market. The Night Market is the latest example of great world building this show has ever had. ‘Dumb’ is what Eda calls Moonlight Conjuring, but this doesn’t sound smart at all.


The Night Market


Eda struggling to find the Market was entertaining. It provided one of my favorite side gags that the show’s done. Eda getting directions from a little creature in a giant’s eye-socket was brilliant. That fine del Toro-like scene turned into a tense one. Eda quickly gets scammed by the merchant selling her elixir. This old story gets a twist from the Owl House. The trade this merchant is offering would have Eda give up King for the elixir to suppress her Owl transformation.


The merchant and Eda get into an argument before settling on a round of Hexas Hold ‘Em, which just ups the situation’s intensity. Clean victories are not in the cards, though. Over before the match  even started, the merchant starts berating Eda about needing the elixir so much. His behavior delays him and then he gets distracted by Luz’s plot, which enables Eda to steal the elixir. The nerve on Eda. Afterwards, Eda and King head home to see what happened with Luz.


Beef Boy


Willow, Luz, and Gus decide to animate a toy called Beef Boy. Others have attempted this conjuring, but it’s never gone this sideways. Fingers interlocked, the witches do not animate the toy, but the house instead. Pretenses are gone as Hooty the House grows legs. Instead of trying to fix the house, the kids have some fun. Anesthesia couldn’t quell the pain if they’re caught, but an invisibility spells fix that. Though, a walking house is still hilariously conspicuous. Revenge on the mean witches is what Willow wants.


Luz has a more humane idea by wanting to inspire Boscha. Interests in a walking house spikes after their attempts at inspirational speech had middling results. Luz, Willow, and Gus have to give some monster hunters the slip. Leaving them behind, Luz heads back to where the house was. An enhancer of the episode is the stories colliding in the end. Evading the ranger hunting them, Luz and company run past Eda’s card game and distracts the corrupt merchant.




Out of everything introduced in this episode, I didn’t expect the show’s  Instagram analogue to make a huge impact, but it did. The house’s sickbay was full. Dead set on being angry at Luz for disobeying. Eda’s sister had already given her trust issues. Eda takes a left turn and admits the fun of conjurings. Eda lifts the ban she had on conjurings and she wants an invite to next year’s. Luz is not out of the woods yet, though. Somebody had captured the kids’ involvement in tonight’s hijinks on social media.


They and the walking house are now on the social media app, Pentsagram. Boscha and her own Moonlight Conjuring find photos of Luz and friends and surprised of Luz’s growing powers. That a human was tampering with magic is a surprise enough. They’d die now that a human can carry out more than them. Alarmed by Luz, Eda and King (in private) don’t know what Luz can do next and that is very frightening to the mean witches.




Wow, honestly. The grittier Night Market balanced the episode well. Our heroes will have a lot to balance between Luz’s growing powers and Eda’s Owl transformation troubles. Eventually, Eda will have to accept her responsibility in shaping Luz’s burgeoning magical abilities. That she also has a dependency on that elixir will be problematic. Her trust issues are preventing true progress.


The villain merchant added a nice sense of stakes to this hysterical episode of The Owl House. This funny episode really deepened Luz’s character. Her journey for acceptance has made this wonderful world so relatable. Too many opportunities for where this story can go, not to get excited for the future.


Disney Channel will air the next episode of The Owl House on Friday, February 28th.


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