An Interview with Award-Winning Performer/Writer Scott J. Kyle

Once again, I had the pleasure of connecting with award-winning performer Scott J. Kyle (Scottish actor, writer, motivational speaker, and so much more) to get an update on all sorts of exciting projects. Read on for more about this inspiring human, including the Shine A Light project, a new book, and some seriously excellent events.

“In 2020, my New Years Resolution is to support as many individuals/businesses/projects as possible.” – Scott Kyle

1. IMDb (as of early Feb 2020) lists Trust Me as the last item on your Filmography. Should we take this to mean you are moving away from the screen to pursue other things, or is there anything tv/movie related coming up that you’d be so kind as to share with us?

Check out IMDB, my latest project is up, but I am unable to talk about it at the moment. I am always busy with projects, but not all are available to the public, I am currently working on a new movie, play and running a new venue, all of which are on the quiet until I get the green light to go public with them. I can tell you that I am currently working with the Edinburgh Youth Theatre directing the students in their up and coming production of Too Fast by Douglas Maxwell. I am also teaching at the Edinburgh Acting School, and I start rehearsals for a theatre show that I will be performing in called One Mississippi by Mariem Omari, which is touring Scotland in May 2020.

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2. The Highlander Fling is like the school field trip I WISH I got to on as a kid. We get a party, a show, a lesson or two, and interactive entertainment (my favorite bit) to open our hearts and minds to more of Scotland. This thing has seriously grown (no surprise there) since I was fortunate enough to attend in 2018 – what plans do you have for its future? More countries? Bigger events? Longer events? (Side note: So excited you’re bringing this to America! 

To be honest, the event has grown and grown, but it has had very little to do with me. Each year more people are coming along to support the event, and now we have people in countries around the world asking us to bring the Fling to their country and town. So the answer regarding where it will go from here is that it is in the hands of the Fling gods, ha ha, seriously though if people want the event to continue, then I am happy to organize it for them. Last year we had children from a school in France in attendance, and this year we are taking a group of Scottish kids to Orlando for the Florida Fling; the kids are also going to be taking part in some Disney workshops and the Disney Parade. 

fling 1024x511 - An Interview with Award-Winning Performer/Writer Scott J. Kyle
2020 Fling Dates

3. The Hangover Tour. Now, life can’t be all work, can it? Though this tour is most definitely still work for you to put together and put on, I imagine it’s got to be one of the more fun jobs you do. How did this part of your Highland event get started, and what kind of shenanigans do you get up to with folks?

The Hangover Tour started because I had hundreds of people messaging me on social media asking where to go on the morning after the Fling for a Hangover cure, ha ha! Rather than just tell them where to go, I decided to put on two open-top busses and join them for a tour of some of my favorite locations. Now the Hangover tour is being introduced to our Canadian and American Fling events.  

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4. Judging by your performance at the Highlander Fling, I KNOW you’re an excellent speaker/teacher. Your lineup of workshops has clearly grown. How does one create a lesson plan for such a thing?

The workshops that I deliver are totally unique to me (I think most workshop leaders have their own style and way of doing things) as they are made up of all of the different experiences that I have had over the years. I take some of the lessons and techniques that I learned when studying acting at college; I also use some of the skills I learned when working professionally on stage in various countries around the world. The experience I have gained while working on various film and television programmes is something else that I try to pass onto the students as it is a completely different experience to the theatre world.  

5. Where did the idea for “Shine A Light” come from? What kind of things are you shining lights on? Can you tell us about one or two projects?

The Shine a Light initiative is another great idea that I cant take the credit for; lots of people ask me to retweet and share their products, fundraising projects, favourite charity, etc. One day I got a message from someone asking me to help promote their book, the new author was struggling to get people to buy her self published novel, they asked for my help and offered to make a contribution to my various workshops projects. Now, if someone gets in touch, I happily support their passion project, and I ask them to return the gesture by supporting my workshops. 

6. If someone wants to get their project highlighted by the program, how might they go about contacting you?

Just follow me on twitter and message me when I follow back; its that simple, ha ha.

7. If someone wanted to donate to the cause, how might they go about it?

Pop onto my website and check out the workshops page. 

8. You do so many charity events, what has been your favorite thus far? For anyone out there looking to help the charities near and dear to them, what do you think makes a successful event?

That is a very tough question, as every project that I get involved with is something that I believe in and want to support, not sure I have a favorite. The advice that I would give to anyone taking part is just to enjoy the activity that you are doing to raise funds and remember that every penny raised is a huge support the charity. 

9. You are a social media sweetheart. I say these words very specifically because your presence online is chock full of heart and kindness. Are there any tips you could share with us about how you connect with your 754k (and growing) Twitter followers?

I don’t think there is a technique to social media; I think you either like connecting with people or you don’t. I like it when someone takes an interest in my work or what I am up to, so I try to return the gesture and return the compliment.  

10. I don’t think it’s a stretch to say you’re a jack of many trades. Acting, directing, teaching, event creating, tour leading, writing, charity work, and the list actually does go on. What’s next on your list of skills to conquer, or which one are you honing in on the most?

I am a bit of a free spirit in the sense that I enjoy a lot of different things. I have worked in many different jobs over the years and enjoyed taking part in various arts project doing lots of different jobs, but I also enjoy doing other not so glamorous work. Over the years, I have managed a roller disco (very cool job), worked in a supermarket, been a carer for my Gran, and that’s just to mention a few. I like to say yes to new experiences, especially if I think it helps or supports other people to achieve something in their day/week/month/year. 

11. You’re working in so many avenue’s; I feel certain I’ve missed something. Is there anything I have not asked you that you’d like to share?

One of the new roles that I have really enjoyed (off stage and screen) has been writing my monthly column for The Scotland Correspondent Magazine, this is a really fun job, and it allows me to share my passion for the arts and Scotland. It has also given me the confidence and some writing experience which has been immensely helpful with writing my own book: Scott Kyle – It’s Not Where You Start… which is coming along really nicely. 


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Scott’s soon to be released book! Please click on the image for a link to pre-order a digital copy.


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