This Is Us (S04E13-14) “A Hell Of A Week, Part 3″/”The Cabin”

Missed the last couple of weeks of This Is Us? Here’s a recap!!

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“A Hell of a Week, Part 3”

Is Kate and Toy’s marriage in turmoil? Here a recap to the conclusion to this season’s big three trilogy.

As we pick off to a young sleepless Kate wakes up Jack; the two tell a bedtime story together in like a princess and her prince type of story. While telling the story, we see a teenage Kate dealing with her boyfriend’s mix emotions and her taking so much crap from him, but even though Rebecca worries about her, Kate still loves the guy and decides to go to the family cabin.

Meanwhile in the present, as Kate prepares for the family trip to a retreat for parents whose kids have a disability; but Toby is looking up information about how a kid had gotten 30 percent of her sight back. Toby doesn’t go but Rebecca goes with Kate and the two have a mother/daughter time that broke the barrier even more as the two grew more and more. Even Rebecca tells Kate what’s been going on with her. All in all, after an excellent weekend, Kate tells Toby that she needs him to be the man that he needs to be with her and their son.

That’s when the phone from Kevin and Randall came and the three plan to go to the family cabin after a week that they just had. And as Kate tells Toby what she’s going to do; he tells her that he’ll watch Jack for the weekend/

“A Hell of a Weel, Part 3” was a very good episode. I couldn’t get enough of the Rebecca and Kate dynamics whether it’s the past or the present. But I think the present scenes like when they were in the pool were probably my favorite; the karaoke scene just made me put me in happy tears. The writing was so good with such strong character developments; the performances from Chrissy Metz and Mandy Moore were amazing! Overall, I give this episode a 9/10.

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“The Cabin”

This was the episode that really got me grabbing the tissues.

Let me just get this out of the way, so I can just tell you how much you should watch this episode. In this episode, Kate, Kevin, and Randall join each other at the family cabin; they learn of each other’s problems and learn from it, even Kevin gets in the loop about what’s going on with Rebecca. Meanwhile, Toby and baby Jack are hanging out and while things are going good, Toby gets a scare moment. And Rebecca, Kevin and Randall help save teenage Kate from her abusive boyfriend.

The Big Three get a jolt of life back when they dig up their time capsule that Jack had them do back in 1993. But it was in it that things really got going with a message from Jack that gave everyone hope and an idea that leads us back in the future tense.

“The Cabin” might be my favorite episode of the season so far. It’s much from the past storyline the family confronting the boyfriend, which was good; but it wasn’t like watching, Sterling, Justin, and Chrissy just take control of each scene with grace and power. Even the scenes with Jack and Rebecca were as good too. But it was that last few minutes when the three was listening to a tape from Jack that really had me grabbing the tissues more and more as the scene played out and the promo came on. If that scene doesn’t get you or motivate you, I don’t know what to say to you. Overall, I give this episode a 9.5/10.

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