Chicago Fire (S08E10-11) “Hold Our Ground”/”Where We End Up”

With Firehouse 51 having to share districts with another Firehouse, could this leave a lot of tension? Here’s a recap of Chicago Fire!


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“Hold Our Ground”

In the winter premiere of Chicago Fire, Severide’s life in on the line, plus tension between two colleagues builds and 51 takes down a robber. Here’s a recap!

Picking up where we left off, Severide and the arsonist suspect are in the basement and ate fighting to get out due to being now a lit fire there; Severide saves him and is reprimanded back to Firehouse 51; but the partnership with Wagner is put in question with Kidd, but Severide takes care of that.

Meanwhile, Firehouse 51 learns that they’ll be sharing districts with Firehouse 20 and some aren’t too happy like Gallo. But after a call of an accident; Truck 81 lost their tool and learns that someone had stolen it to use it to break in ATM machines. Gallo and Casey work together to figure the guy; it turns out that they would meet that guy after being diverted on a call thanks to Firehouse 20. More on that later!

After the first accident, as 51 returns to the station, Mouch had a letter stuck to his boot and tried to bring it back to the post office; but wouldn’t take it. Mouch tries his best to figure out how to get an address but with the help from Ritter, Mouch got that letter delivered home to the wife of a falling soldier.

The tension is building out of the blue between Froster and Brett. It gets so crazy that it even brought the atmosphere at Molly’s down. Kidd gets them together and tells them to make amends. After their wild chase, Froster tells Brett about how she’s been feeling looking at photos of her classmates making it as doctors and somewhat.

Now the wild chase to catch a robber was probably the highlight of the episode as it was like Fast and Furious meets Chicago Fire. I’m pretty sure the Ambulance 61 could have taken down that truck by themselves.

“Hold Our Ground” was a very fun, dramatic and exciting episode. The Mouch story was so good and funny but ending on a heartwarming moment. The Gallo was fun and Brett and Froster were good too. Good writing and character development. Overall, I give this episode an 8.5/10.

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“Where We End Up”

The tension between Firehouse 51 and Firehouse 20 builds even further.

With the issue of overlapping districts for the Firehouse 51 and 20 continue during a car accident that put even more tension between the firehouse. Things took a real turn for the worst as everyone at Firehouse 51 had to leave on the behalf of bedbugs. Throughout the episode, while quite fun (mainly with Gallo, Brett, Kidd, and Froster); most was quite seriously with Casey and the Captain at 20. But that all were subsided after a fire rescue at dry cleaners where Casey and Gallo helped save a life and Firehouse 20’s Captain and in return got major respect.

Boden had to be at a meeting where he spots an old friend, who happens to be the speaker of the meeting. The discussion was about firefighters having to battle with cancer because of the ashes and etc can cause down the road. In the spirit of Chicago Fire, Gallo, who’s running in the marathon; runs with full firefighter gear in support of fighting cancer for firefighters.

“Where We End Up” was a moving and intense episode. While the tension over Firehouse 51 and Firehouse 20 was pretty good; while the Brett, Kidd, and Froster worried about what their chief would do to them was hilarious. The main thing from this episode was about how firefighters are diagnosed with cancer; not being aware of cleaning their equipment properly and that there needs to be an awareness. Overall, I give this episode an 8.5/10.

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