Chicago Fire (S08E12) “Then Nick Porter Happened”

Someone’s been crying wolf to Firehouse 51, but who could it be?

false alarms chicago fire - Chicago Fire (S08E12) "Then Nick Porter Happened"

When Firehouse 51 gets a call from a school’s fire alarm being pulled; the headmaster tells them that it was a false alarm. But that didn’t sit well with Boden, Casey, and Severide and they get house call of a father being trapped under a water heater, which took longer to get him out if they didn’t waste time with the false alarm. After that call, Saveride learns that the school has had three other false alarms within the month; which lead them to investigate it. After trying to use their method of ways, they get a tip from a student; who isn’t quite liking the ways there. When 51 gets another call, they really went in to check all the cameras and did a search, which leads to a little boy, who pulled the fire alarm because he was being bullied.

Meanwhile, the rent at Cruz’s apartment isn’t going well with Brett and began to look for a third renter. Mouch gives them the idea for Nick Porter, who’s been going through a nasty divorce. While there Brett and Cruz weren’t too happy having Nick around with his classic NASCAR videos and remembering the good old days with his wife. Brett and Cruz get Mouch to talk to Nick’s wife and to see if she can take him back. After accepting him back, Nick leaves and Froster is now living with Brett and Cruz.

“Then Nick Porter Happened” was a very good episode from start to finish. At first, the whole alarm thing at the school seemed pointless that first but the meaning of after watching it had a whole new meaning. Good writing and solid character development. Overall, I give this episode an 8/10.

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