Chicago Fire (S08E13) “A Chicago Welcome”

This episode might be my favorite out of this season. Here’s a recap!

image - Chicago Fire (S08E13) "A Chicago Welcome"

When someone is in need of help, Chicago is there. That’s what I took out of this Chicago Fire episode, “A Chicago Welcome” as Firehouse 51 saved a married couple that had moved to Chicago not too long ago. While the husband survived, his wife didn’t and their cat goes missing; but with Brett and Casey being there for him by finding his cat and even pulled a few strings to get more than a few people to come to the funeral. It was enough to make you grab the tissues and as a #Bresey fan, it just makes both Brett and Casey’s relationship grand.

Meanwhile, while Froster is throwing a party at Cruz’s apartment; Cruz felt that he was left out when he tried to come to the party. Froster apologies and makes it up for him to throw a better party than that one. Truck 81 gets a new truck and Herrmann isn’t too pleased about it. Mouch pushes too much on Herrmann that puts a string on their relationship, but not too long.

But it was Grosh that comes back to bring even more hell on Chicago. As he was the reason he gave Truck 81 the new truck. Boden and Severide don’t think he has crawled over a new leaf and investigated it. It turns out that Grosh has been scamming the city and in return gets fired.

“A Chicago Welcome” was such an amazing episode. This episode had played a lot in my emotions. Brett and Casey’s story won me over so much. We even get the start of Brett’s new story arc as she’s wondering if she should meet with her biological mother, who sent her a letter. Overall, I give this episode a 9/10.

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You can catch Chicago Fire Wednesdays at 9/8c on NBC.