Chicago Fire (S08E14) “Shut It Down”

This week’s episode of Chicago Fire had one of its best case of the week episode this season. Here’s a recap!

casey plus boden chicago fire s8e14 - Chicago Fire (S08E14) "Shut It Down"

When a 51 gets called to a gas leak at a home that exploded injuring a little girl, the team learns of a pattern. Confronting the gas company, they come to learn that there was a faulty sensor. Meanwhile, Cruz is in a state of panic over the wedding, but Severide lends him a hand, finally. Gallo saved the little girl from the first gas leak house explosion and learned that she’s got a long recovery. Kidd tries to cheer him up and learns of why he’s been acting like he’s been because of his past.

After the previous episode, Brett gets what looks to be a letter from her biological mother. She tells Casey to throw it away, but you know how Casey is…he keeps it. But after throwing it away for the first time, Brett confronts Casey once again and of course, Casey saves it and hands it over to her. But when she opens it, it’s just an address of where she is, which isn’t too far from Chicago.

“Shut It Down” was a very intense, fun and heartwarming case of the week episode. From the hilarious moments of Cruz dealing with the wedding plans to Mouch trying to prove to Herrmann that he can still be effective on the team. The gas leak storyline was so good and kept the episode interested and on point. The Brett and Casey story was as heartwarming and funny. I just hope that she finds out that Casey could be her half-brother or something. Just a thought. Overall, I give this episode a 9/10.

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You can catch Chicago Fire as they team up with Chicago PD in the two-hour crossover event on February 26th at 9/8c on NBC.