I’m Not Okay With This premieres

Sydney, a disaffected, self-described “boring 17-year-old white girl” in the polluted burg of Brownsville, Pa., is developing confusing emotional and sexual feelings and a gross patch of acne on her thighs. Also: When she gets angry, she can break things with her mind.

Sydney, living in a dying mill town somewhere in Pennsylvania. It’s only been a year since Syd’s father committed suicide in the basement and Syd’s mother is working overtime to make ends meet, brother Liam is dealing with bullies and Syd is frustrated that her best friend Dina, who Syd just might have a crush on, has a new football-playing boyfriend and associated popularity.

The series is adapted from a graphic novel by Charles Forsman, about unsteady outsiders and the quest for a shared community

All episodes available on Netflix.