This Is Us (S04E15) “Clouds”

As Randall goes to therapy, Kevin spends time with Rebecca in this brilliantly written and well-performed episode of This Is Us. Here’s a recap!

therapy this is us - This Is Us (S04E15) "Clouds"

The therapy session will begin…

This week’s episode of This Is Us was another powerful and emotional episode with Sterling K. Brown given another startling performance; as Randall begins his first therapy session that didn’t go so well, but the ending will put a smile on your face. Not to mention we get to learn about how Randall made running his therapy.

Toby apologizes to Kate for what he had done; tries to show her his affection with a planned out music studio in the garage. After having brunch with Maidson, Kate forgives her for sleeping with Kevin and takes her advice and accepts Toby’s apologie. In the end, we see the future of how the studio will be used for baby Jack.

Kevin spends the day with Rebecca before her doctor’s appointment; from record shopping to hunting down for Jodi Mitchell’s childhood home. While on the hunt for Jodi Michell’s home, we see a flashback of when Rebecca and Kevin spent one day together looking for a baseball card that Kevin needed for his collection. In the end; Rebecca learns that she’s got early set Alzheimers, but she tells Kevin to never act differently towards her but make he day fun and exciting like Matt Damon taking her mother to movie premieres.

“Clouds” was such a great episode. This episode was so brilliantly written and performed so well by the cast; it took my breath away. It was brilliant of keeping the identity of the therapist hidden throughout the episode and kept the camera on Sterling as he shines. While Randall and Kate’s stories were so good; Kevin and Rebecca felt like the most emotionally uplifting story of the episode as they bonded before getting that heartbreaking news. And that ending when Randall goes back to the therapy, we got to see the therapist played by Pamela Adlon.  Overall, I give this episode a 10/10.

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