Chicago Med (S05E07-08) “Who Knows What Tomorrow Brings”/”Too Close to the Sun”

From Vampires to Internet stars, here’s a recap of episodes seven and eight of Chicago Med! 188739 0104 850x560 - Chicago Med (S05E07-08) "Who Knows What Tomorrow Brings"/"Too Close to the Sun"

“Who Knows What Tomorrow Brings”

Let the party begin!!

“Who Knows What Tomorrow Brings” was a fine episode from start to finish. Dr. Charles and Will help treat a patient that believes he’s a vampire, but it turns out that he’s got Hepatitis B. While Natalie and Elsa try to treat a daughter that was in an accident but dies due to respiratory issues. And Dr. Choi, April, and Marcil try to help a military amputee but gets blocked from the military officers because of her status as AWAL. But as Maggie starts her chemo treatments, she meets a man who she brings along for Dr. Marcil’s crawfish party.

This was a good episode. Dr. Charles and Will’s story were exciting and weird but in a good way. This could have been a good Halloween episode. The story about the military solider was a tough one as she was trying to get to her brother’s wedding. Good episode, well written and well-performed. Overall, I give this episode an 8.5/10. 188749 0257 - Chicago Med (S05E07-08) "Who Knows What Tomorrow Brings"/"Too Close to the Sun"

“Too Close to the Sun”

Sometimes things come back and bite them in the butt.

Noah gets attacked and April and Marcil learn that he’s been keeping that patient that they helped treat a few episodes ago. While Maggie learns that Ben has the measles and have to suspend his treatment to get treated for the measles. Will and Curry treat a patient who’s transplanted kidney is in trouble.

But the story to take away from here is when Dr. Choi and Charles treat a patient who happens to be a live-streaming star that lets his viewers decide for him. It causes tension between one another and the patient comes to his senses.

“Too Close to the Sun” was such a good and powerful episode. Marlyne Barrett gives another strong performance as Maggie sacrifices to help full fill Ben’s wishes.  That story was the best out of the rest in the episode. Overall, I give this episode a 9/10.

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