Chicago Med (S05E09) “I Can’t Imagine the Future” Fall Finale

The fall finale of Chicago Med holds nothing back. Here’s a recap!

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In the fall finale, we see Dr. Charles do one last thing for his wife, throwing a party with family and friends. While it may not be something new for Charles to do for someone. It’s a real turning point for the character as just the start of the episode he got overwhelmed with emotions when Caroline tells him that she wants him to remarry.

Things aren’t looking so great for April and Ethan as April learns that she’s going into early menopause but with luck, the IVF could work. She takes not having children to heart and takes it out on Ethan, who’s been reading a book about being a father. Later on, the two will have even more arguments when both Ethan’s and Marcil’s patients could be part of the domino transplant but when Ethan’s patient dies before going on the table; Marcil’s patient still gets the kidney from Ethan’s patient’s mother. Both Ethan and April leave on bad terms with April kissing Marcil as Ethan is about to head out overseas.

Will treats a patient that believes he can fly when he skates on the ice. With an injury to the vertebrae; Will options the patient’s father for him to have the brace instead of surgery, but that’s not what the patient wants and got the surgery and pass with flying colors to make a full recovery. While Maggie takes care of Ben, who almost is at heaven’s gate; but instead makes a full recovery from fighting the measles.

As for Natalie, while treating and hoping that Phillip’s daughter gets the surgery, her memory comes back; as she gets flashbacks to the events leading up to the crash. After learning about the girl making a full recovery, Natalie remembers what she wanted to tell Will and meets him up on the roof to tell him that she loves him; but in return; Will tells her that he’s taken to what she had said and has moved on. NO!!!!!!!!

“I can’t Imagine the Future” was an amazing fall finale and with powerful writing and performances from the cast. The Maggie-Ben story was intense with emotions just wondering if he was going to make it. Dr. Charles’s story was overwhelmingly emotional; we never have seen his character be that full of emotions that just took my breath away. And the Natalie and Will situation again have me pulling my heart out as I’ve wanted these two to get back together. It can’t end like this again! Once again I still have hope! Overall, I give this episode a 9/10.

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