Chicago Med (S05E10) “Guess It Doesn’t Matter Anymore” Winter Premiere

Chicago Med returns with a powerful episode. Here’s a recap.

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As the episode opened up, Dr. Charles has lost his wife and tries to keep himself busy in his office. That is until Curry needs help on a patient that has severe panic attacks and she thought that using an app to sing your troubles way would help. But Charles was curious about the patient after she had left and suffered another panic attack after taking another anti-depressant; which leads to a different diagnosis.

April and Marcil battle it out over a patient that doesn’t want surgery; but got it anyway when his stomach was big as a balloon. The two also try to make that the kiss meant nothing and that it’s water under the bridge. Later that night April gets a surprise visit from Ethan and he proposes to her with only one reception that she couldn’t have children, but says yes to his proposal.

Natalie and Will look to be back as friends and when a case of an injured boy and a mother that was high earlier; Halstead learns that the mother was a former patient of his and that he was the one that prescribes the pain meds that she’s addicted to. Will tries to find a way to help her and keep her son together and using a rapid detox was the only way. After a day or two later, the detox worked but CPF came and took full custody of her child; in which she ran off and overdosed and died.

In the end, Dr. Charles proves to Curry that singing can take your troubles away and sings a song at Molly’s on karaoke night.

“Guess It Doesn’t Matter Anymore” was a very powerful episode; that opens up the story arc of Will and the pain pill addiction that’s been going on for the past few years. I thought that Oliver Platt gave an amazing performance. The writing was good with great character development. Overall, I give this episode an 8.5/10.

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