Chicago Med (S05E13-14) “Pain is for the Living”/”It May Not Be Forever”

Will pushes to give help for an addicted doctor, while Natalie and Crockett have a difference in how to treat their own patients. Here’s a recap!

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“Pain is For the Living”

“Man the day really sucked.”

You can say that again Dr. Charlies. Wow, this episode of Chicago Med titled “Pain is For the Living” was another powerful installment of our heroes at Chicago Med dealing with the not so good and some good moments. From Dr. Charles and Choi treating a family that has an 11-year-old boy that has anger issues after coming in from beating up his little brother. Marcil also didn’t have a good day as he loses a patient that he should have saved; but later learned that his patient died from a bullet while driving.

Meanwhile, Natalie was struck when a mother, who shows no signs of worry about her baby come to find out that she has a genetic disorder that can feel no pain. And while Will treats a patient that has a cyst in the bowel. But the twist comes when a doctor for his patient happens to be the one that he had saved at the off-site clinic.

This episode was as good as it could have been. The Natalie story was intriguing with the mother not feeling any pain. Marcil took another nose dive and should have taken the x-ray on that patient but didn’t. And angry child storyline was so good and powerful to watch these doctors try to find a way for this kid to get the treatment that he needed. And looks like Halstead is at the corner with Dr. Asher as someone that could take him down. Oh boy! Overall, I give this episode an 8.5/10. 189804 0217 850x560 - Chicago Med (S05E13-14) "Pain is for the Living"/"It May Not Be Forever"

“It May Not Be Forever”

When a car crash victims of a husband and wife come to Chicago Med, it becomes more than just a random accident. As Natalie treats the wife, she sees evidence of abuse; while Marcil is treating the husband that needs to have part of his leg taken off. When Marcil asks the wife for permission, she declines and wanted to wait. It took Goodwin and the Ethics Board to rule over the wife. But by the end, the wife ended her husband by shutting down his oxygen machine and was taken away to jail.

Ethan and April deal with a young married couple that the wife is suffering from some kind of allergic reaction. It was when April saw them having sex in the room that Ethan put two and two together to come up with that the wife was allergic to her husband’s seamen. But it great April and Ethan close as they have their romantic dinner and a crib almost ready.

Curry finally gets a solid win as she and Dr. Charles cure a boy from what was a misdiagnosis. While Will tries to get Dr. Asher the help that she needs even if it has him quitting the clinic.

“It May Not Be Forever” was a good episode from start to finish. While some of the cases like the one that Ethan and April were a bit predictable; Curry and Charles were very good with character growth. The Marcil and Natalie story was good as well, but for some reason, I feel this relationship is building to something. I feel like where Will is its a good story arc and it makes me nervous at where this whole thing with Asher is going. Overall, I give this episode an 8/10.

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