Chicago Med (S05E15) “I Will Do No Harm”

Last night’s episode of Chicago Med was gripping as ever. Here’s a recap! 189946 0604 850x560 - Chicago Med (S05E15) "I Will Do No Harm"

Dr. Charles and Natalie treat a man that’s ill, but he’s not who he says he is. The so-called ex-wife says that he’s an actor to play her daughter’s father; and she’s trying to end it but instead, he is the one that’s ending it by taking poison. Dr. Charles and Natalie do what they can to get their patient to talk; but after trying to fake death in front of the girl, he confesses to what he took. Even though the girl understands that he’s not her father, she still cares for him.

Marcil and Ethan deal with a death-row inmate that was about to be put to death but a mistake had occurred which is killing the patient’s arm. As Ethan wants to treat him and get him back, Marcil wants to just end it here. When the patient’s arm is dying quickly; the two takes him to the hybrid OR to take out the arm but it becomes more than just the arm as things ger “complicated” and the patient died. Indiana isn’t going to like that at all.

April and Noah try to help a man who’s heart is not beating right and has to keep moving for his heart to keep going at a normal rate. But nothing is working when they are at the gym and when trying to put a line into shock the heart; the patient stops and Noah tries his best to get the line in and shock the heart just in time.

Will get a patient that’s seven months pregnant and is in severe pain with sickle cell. Will and Maggie do what they can to help fix the problem but trying to find her OB Dr. Asher was nowhere to be found. After hours and hours of complications, Will gets the patient to the OR to have an emergency c-section; the baby’s healthy and the mother are good. Asher returns and Will wasn’t buying her lies and gets security to have a sniffing dog to check her car, which the dog smiles something.

“I WIll Do No Harm” was a very good episode and at times creepy. Mainly with the whole actor playing someone’s daughter seemed to bit far fetch to say the least but it was very good storytelling. The dynamic between Ethan and Crockett was amazing; as two different mindsets of doctors finally did come to an agreement to not only save their death row patient but to let him die as well. And  John Lutz on the show was just hilarious. Overall, I give this episode a 9/10.

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