Chicago PD (S07E07-08) “Informant”/”No Regrets”

From taking down a drug dealer’s powerful drug to finding a kidnapped mother and child, here are recaps of episodes seven and eight of Chicago PD. 188790 0269 - Chicago PD (S07E07-08) "Informant"/"No Regrets"


When the drug carfentanil has taken the lives of children in the neighborhoods, the Intelligence Unit jumps on the case. Hailey uses her CI to get close to someone that’s known to sell the drug but by the time they were working on it, the guy made a drug bust and died from the drug that he was taken. Voight uses Darrius as their informant to stop the seller that’s selling the drug; while the plan was in play, Hailey’s CI was spotted by Darrius and later gets killed.

Hailey takes the death of her CI very hard and wants to put Darrius away; but after capturing the drug seller of the carfentanil. Hailey has a talk with Voight about how things get done that aren’t pretty.

“Informant” was a very good Hailey centric episode; that puts her on the spot of knowing what should be right and wrong when it comes to someone killing her CI. It was a powerful one to say because the character of Hailey’s CI was very fun and cool. Good writing and character development in this episode. Overall, I give this episode an 8.5/10.

health concerns chicago pd - Chicago PD (S07E07-08) "Informant"/"No Regrets"

“No Regrets”

When a drug bust goes good, Burgess finds a dead woman in the alley. Burgess and the Intelligence investigate Jane Doe to learn that she was part of a messing case that also included another woman. Soon the Intelligence would have their suspect and went into the home where they found the other woman but her child was taken from the suspect/kidnaper/father of her baby. After spotting the suspect at a local store, hell broke loose and the suspect gets shot and dies.

With no whereabouts of the child, they search for the suspect’s mobile home where Burgess finds and helps give the kid his medicine. Meanwhile, Burgess learns that she’s pregnant and after telling Ruek about it she was deciding whether or not to keep the child; at the end, she’s keeping the child.

“No Regrets” was a good episode from start to finish. This was a Burgess centric episode and it was a fine good one at that; as she uses the case to take her mind off of the pregnancy news. The performance of Marina Squerciati was very good. Overall, I give this episode an 8.5/10.

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