Chicago PD (S07E09) “Absolution” Fall Finale

The fall finale of Chicago PD left us holding our breaths. Here’s a recap! 188967 0356 - Chicago PD (S07E09) "Absolution" Fall Finale

It has been weeks since Marcus West had died for a crime that he didn’t commit and Jay hasn’t forgotten it what so ever. He’s been kind of a friend with Marcus’s widow, Angelea and his son. But when Angelea gets into the wrong kind of job; she and Jay end up the held hostage and the Intelligence Unit to hunt down.  Call it what Angelea and Carlos stole the wrong drugs from the wrong gang and while Intelligence tries to find leads, they go to one man, Darrius.

After meeting and offering with the boss that the drugs belong to, Intelligence waits for the drop off to exchange but it went south pretty bad as Jay and Angelea weren’t there. After capturing the boss or father to the kidnappers, Hailey played hardball and used the boss’s father to give the location of where Jay is at. While this was going down, Jay tells Angela the truth about that he’s a cop and he was the one that put her husband in jail and killed.

When Intelligence gets to the location, only Hailey gets in with the rest following. As Jay knockout one brother and kills the other; he checks on Angela who happens to shot him leaving in a cliffhanger.

“Absolution” was literally the best fall finales out of the rest of the Chicago series this season. Holy smokes the episode doesn’t hold anything back and Jesse Lee Soffer gives an amazing performance. And Tracy Spiridakos gives her best performance too as her character fights tooth and nail to find her partner. Overall, I give this episode a 9.5/10.

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