Chicago PD (S07E10) “Mercy” Winter Premiere

In the winter premiere as one cop’s life hangs in the balance; as another gets surprised during an investigation,  Here’s a recap!

there for jay chicago pd s7e10 - Chicago PD (S07E10) "Mercy" Winter Premiere

Picking up right where we left off from the fall finale; Jay is injured and is taken to Med. While things aren’t looking so good, Voight and Burgress meets with Angela about charging her of shooting Jay and more but she doesn’t care as she knows the truth about what they did to her husband. More a little later.

While waiting on the condition of Jay, Voight and the team gets a call of a home invasion. While the team goes undercover to meet with someone that might have stolen stuff from the home invasion; Atwater gets a surprising reunion of his brother back in Chicago and is dating what turns to be the suspect of another murder at the end of the episode that the team was persued.

Jay makes a full recovery and will on the sidelines for a while; Voight makes sure that Angela doesn’t spill the beans about what really happened to her husband. Atwater tries to get in touch with her brother but doesn’t respond. While Hailey tries to confront her feelings to Jay but pulls back after she had to talk him down from talking with Angela’s son.

“Mercy” was a very good episode. It really pulled me in at the beginning with heart-pounding moments; like Jay being taken to Med. That look on Voight just took my breath away because of their relationship. The Atwaters brothers reunion was a good story, even though some of it was a bit predictable at times. As much as I think that this whole Marcus West thing is over, I have a feeling it’s not by the time the season comes to an end. Overall, I give this episode an 8,5/10.

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