Grey’s Anatomy (S16E15) “Snowblind”

greys anatomy s12e16 - Grey's Anatomy (S16E15) "Snowblind"

This weeks episode of Grey’s Anatomy was centred around a massive snowstorm causing chaos at Grey Sloan memorial, here are some of the main themes/events that caught my attention this episode:

Potential new love triangle

Since the arrival of Dr Hayes (Richard Flood) it has been evident that there is a potential romantic pairing on the cards between himself and Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo). This romance seems to have become a bigger possibility since Meredith’s relationship with Deluca (Giacomo Gianniotti) ended, after he angrily dumps her as she showed concern towards his recent behaviour and suggested he might be having a breakdown similarly to what his father suffered. It is evident that Meredith has a lot in common with the new Dr Hayes, with the main topic of their conversations so far being how they are both widowed and left to raise their children alone. With the pair further bonding this episode, it will be no surprise if the show will see a new romance sometime soon.

However its hard to believe that there is still no longer any feeling between Meredith and Deluca, so instead of a smooth romance we might be heading into the direction of (ANOTHER) love triangle. After the show has put us through numerous the last couple of seasons, I’m unsure if I can stomach another one! I also struggle to see how another romance for Meredith right now is exactly necessary and I’m not sure how much I am enjoying the whole “male Meredith” vibe they are going with Dr Hayes. However I am more than supportive of a new friendship for Meredith, especially since Meredith has now lost Alex (Justin Chambers), a friend, especially one that understands what she has been through.

Beanie Feldstein Guest Stars 

As a massive fan of Booksmart (2019) I am extremely excited over the guest appearance of Beanie Feldstein, and what looks like to be more in the future! Firstly her first appearance was iconic and a great example of classic Grey’s humour; as we were introduced to her as Dr Desmond, it was only when she had a scalpel in her hand and was about to operate on a patient that it was dramatically revealed that she is not a doctor but a patient who had gone missing.

Despite the introduction of Feldstein’s character Tess started off with a comedic start, she soon managed to win the title of having the most touching and emotional scenes of the episode. As Tess opens up to Richard (James Pickens Jr) that it was her dream to become a doctor and her being constantly sick got in the way of medical school, and created many obstacles. Feldstein being the incredibly talented actress that she is, it is no surprise that the scene moved me to tears.

The dynamic between Tess and Richard became even more touching when Richard opened up about all the obstacles he had to face during his training to become a doctor, and telling her the importance of not giving up. A massive and heart-breaking bombshell has been dropped on us, as we now are aware of Richards struggles, as he revealed to Tess his shaking hand which he is unsure of the cause of it being Parkinson’s or old age. This reveal is causing me to worry about the future of Richard on the show, with him now being one of only three original cast members, him leaving would be a massive loss to the show. Lets all hope and pray that we aren’t going to see the end of Richard Webber on the show!

Teddy Crosses a line 

The love triangle but now is more like a love pentagon  between Teddy (Kim Raver), Owen (Kevin McKidd), Amelia (Caterina Scorsone), Link (Chris Carmack) and Tom (Greg Germann) seems to have been going on FOREVER! However as sick to death of it as I am, looks like its nowhere near ending since his week we witness Teddy sleeping with Tom, cheating on Owen, after finding out the possibilty of Owen being the father of Amelia’s unborn child. If I am being honest, there is not a part of me that blames Teddy for feeling insecure and paranoid in her relationship with Owen, after all the horrible things he has put her through over the years. It even broke my heart when she referred to herself as feeling “crazy” when her feelings and emotions are completely valid.

However I am struggling to wrap my head around the idea of Teddy cheating and I can’t help but be angry at how out of character it is. I am unsure of what the aftermath of Teddy’s actions is going to be. I am hoping Teddy will continue to be written in character, which would involve her struggling with a lot of guilt, which although would be very difficult for me to watch, it will be even more heart-breaking if after this incident the out of character writing continues.

Bailey Become a Mum again 

After Bailey (Chandra Wilson) heartbreakingly miscarried this season, my favourite storyline this episode was Bailey deciding to adopt teenager Joey, who is 18 and nearly aged out of the system. Bailey choosing to adopt Joey now means that he has an opportunity to graduate from high school and attend college, as he now finally has someone to help him and look after him. This is such a positive direction for Bailey’s character to go in, all though she did not discuss her decision with Ben (Jason George) which unfortunately might lead to some consequences.

Goodbye Alex Karev 

Alex Karev (Justin Chambers) is one of the most popular Grey’s Anatomy characters of all time, not only has he been there since the pilot but he had one of the best written character development storyline that I have ever witnessed on television. However I (as well as many others) feel both disgusted and disappointed with the way that this beloved character has been written off the show. The explanation we were given for Alex’s absence from the show was that he was visiting his mother. Jo (Camilla Luddington) faced many concerns that Alex was not going to return from this trip, so it is no surprise that Jo decided to get in contact with Alex’s mum to see where she stands. Jo, as well as us the audience, faced a heart-breaking reveal that Alex was never at his Mum’s and he has just left jo without saying anything.

I understand that there was limited options to write Alex off with Chambers leaving suddenly due to personal reasons. Yet there are so many reasons why this exit was a TERRIBLE idea! I refuse to believe we have sat through 16 seasons of Alex’s character development for him to do something like this to Jo, the woman he loves, especially after how much it broke him when Izzie did the exact same thing! I am hoping that we are going to be given further explanation and answers as to why Alex has left, as I refuse to settle for this being the way the great Alex Karev is being written off!