Star Trek Picard (S01E06) “The Impossible Box”

Hello, fellow Trekkies. This latest episode of Picard is sure one wild and crazy ride.  Let’s get right to it. Please note that I do not have any pictures from this episode, as I cannot currently upload them. 

full of secrets and lies

The episode opens with a young Soji (Ella McKenzie) walking down a hallway in a house. She calls out for her father. Soon she approaches a door and opens it. Soji sees her father, but can’t see what he is doing. Suddenly her father turns around and yells her name. Soji (Isa Briones) wakes up next to Narek (Harry Treadaway). It was a dream. Narek says that Soji is ‘full of secrets’. Soji, in turn, wants to know his true name. Narek suggests she talk with her mother and then leaves.

Onboard La Sirena, Agnes (Alison Pill) tells Picard (Patrick Stewart) that Maddox died of heart failure. Since they now know Soji is on The Artifact, it is imperative they get there quickly. Picard is anxious about going there because of his own assimilation many years ago. He’s very adamant that ‘they don’t change. they metastasize’. Elnor (Evan Evagora), who witnessed their conversation makes a few perceptive remarks that make Agnes uncomfortable.

a dream is just a dream…or not

Picard goes into his holo-suite study and searches up ‘Artifact’ ‘Treaty’ and ‘Borg’. He comes across a picture of Hugh (Jonathan Del Arco) and a picture of himself as Locutus of Borg.

The ship is in the Beta Quadrant, former neutral zone. Rios (Santiago Cabrera) is playing with a soccer ball. Agnes joins him, and he eventually offers her a drink. She asks him’Why do you like space?’. Rios tells her he is here if she needs to talk. They end up sharing a kiss.

Agnes tells him that she has a superpower. She can sense mistakes when she’s making them. She feels ‘hollow. hopeless, lonely, afraid’. The pair go off to spend a few hours together forgetting about themselves.

Rizzo (Peyton List) visits with Narek, who is fiddling with a box similar to a Rubix Cube. He tells her about Soji’s recurring dream. At first, Rizzo is dismissive, ‘Why does she dream’? but when Narek delves deeper, speaking of how her dreams are a way of her human self and android self to reconciliate, it catches her interest.

Soji knows more than she thinks she knows, and Rizzo just needs to have a little patience.

Back on La Sirena, Picard decides to use the Qowat Milat way of being completely honest to get access onto The Artifact. All he needs are credentials from the Federation to meet Hugh as a project envoy. A drunk Raffi (Michelle Hurd) talks to one of her old friends in The Federation. Asks for the credentials, but her friend says she can’t help. However, with some clever manipulation and a bit of luck, Raffi eventually gets what they need. Picard is impressed.

age matters

Soji tells Narek that she had the dream again. Narek tells her that there’s an anomaly about the calls with her mother. Every call lasts exactly 70 seconds. Rios goes to visit Raffi, who tells him about her son. He replies ‘no one gets all of right Raf’ before he leaves her room.

Soji calls her mom and notices something strange. She eventually figures out that her mom is not real. Soji then falls asleep at her desk.

As the ship approaches The Artifact, Picard is hit with flashbacks of his time as a borg. There are conditions to his visit on the cube, one of them being that he has to go alone.

When Soji wakes up, she starts to gather all of her family photos and memorabilia. She scans them, and the scanner confirms the age of everything she owned to be about 37 months old.

Picard is beamed onto the cube in an isolated area. He is hit with flashbacks, increasing in severity as he walks further into the cube. He is about to fall but is helped up by two borg. Picard meets up with Hugh for the first time in many years. Hugh calls them the xBS- former Borgs. Picard asks about Soji. In turn, Hugh tells Picard what has been going on with the reclamation project.

Meanwhile, Soji is freaking out. She talks with Narek, who cleverly suggests that she may have been implanted with false memories. ‘It happens sometimes.’ Perhaps she is on The Artifact to find something. He suggests she take part in a forbidden Romulan meditation called Zhal Makh.

what’s in a name

Hugh takes Picard to the recovery room, where Picard can see the healing of other xBS. Picard is astonished at the rate of un-assimilation they have accomplished. Hugh says ‘the outcomes are far from ideal’. Picard replies that maybe now people will start to see the Borg as victims, not monsters. There is a mention of a Romulan Queen.

Rios takes care of Raffi, who wakes up with a hangover. She speculates about why Soji is still alive. ‘What does the Tal Shiar need from a synth’?

Narek takes Soji into a private room. He tells her his true name is Hrai Yan. He asks Soji to focus on her dream as she walks through the various ‘paths’ of the ritual. Narek guides her. Soji becomes scared, but Narek assures her that she is in control of her mind. She has to walk through the door and fully enter the room where her father is.

the truth revealed

Picard and Hugh go to Soji’s quarters. She isn’t there and Picard becomes increasingly worried. He needs to find her quickly. Soji is able to enter the room and look behind the orchids. She sees herself as a wooden doll in pieces. She looks up at the skylight and sees a sky with 2 blood red moons and constant lightning.

Soji is frightened. Narek tells her that she was never real, and leaves the room, locking her inside. He had left the box, which opened up to release deadly radiation. Soji, in a panic, is able to break through the floor. She is now activated. Narek and Rizzo go off to find and retrieve her.

Picard is able to find Soji first. Hugh leads them away. He takes them to the QueenCell. There is a Spatial Trajector that would take them to the planet Nepenthe. Picard informs the crew of La Sirena to rendezvous there. As the Romulans draw closer, Elnor appears and kills two of them. Elnor and Hugh stay behind to fend off the rest of the Romulans. Soji and Picard go through the gate and disappear.


Yeah, this episode was intense! But everyone’s paths have finally crossed and caught up with each other.

I really hope they don’t kill Elnor. I like him.

It was really cool to see Picard with Hugh again. Picard first encounters Hugh in the Star Trek Next Generation Episode called ‘I, Borg’. Season Five, Episode 23. If you want more context on their relationship, it’s a good episode to watch.

He also appears in ‘Descent Part 2’, which is Season Seven, Episode One in Next Generation.

I am excited that the story is really starting to come together. I can’t wait to see what happens next.

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