Dispatches From Elsewhere premieres


The anthology drama is about a group of strangers who embark on an elaborate scavenger hunt.

The charismatic Simone embraces the phenomenon as an intriguing, hilarious prank that lets her live as freely as she always wanted. Intense Fredwynn is positive he’s stumbled across evidence of a nefarious conspiracy and/or shadow network of power players.

Janice, a sweet wife and mother who resents anyone who would dismiss either aspect of her life as insignificant, is relieved to play a fun game. Peter is just happy to have something to look forward to, something to make him feel a little more alive outside his nightly ritual of TV and graying supermarket sushi.

All of them, despite their starkly different paths and backgrounds, want the same thing the puzzle promises them: the ability to feel that their lives have greater meaning than they’ve heretofore been promised. 

New on AMC.