RuPaul’s Drag Race (S12E01) “I’m That B!tch”

Hello, hello, hello! Welcome back for another season of RuPaul’s Drag Race! This season’s promo theme was all things Red, White, and Blue, which seems appropriate as this episode was pure fireworks. For the second time in Drag Race herstory, we are blessed with a double premiere! I really like this format as we get to know the queens a bit better to start with. Though so far it’s hard to pick a favourite, as this first group was chock-full of absolute stars. If I had to pick one to Stan… I’m going with Gigi Goode. She’s stunning, she knows fashion, she’s witty as hell, and she doesn’t take herself too seriously.  Now! Let’s get to it! Below I’m gonna break down the episode, including untucked, so beware of spoilers!

Of course, we open the season with the traditional shot of the workroom. It really wouldn’t be Drag Race without vibrant pink filling our screens. It doesn’t take long before the Queens start entering. First up is Brita! A confident Queen from New York City who’s ready to drink up the competition and all it has to offer. Next up is Nicky Doll! Originally hailing from France, she is now based out of New York City. Nicky exemplifies French fashion and elegance. Nicky is soon followed by Widow Von Du! A queen from Missouri with an abundance of hidden talents. She definitely has my second favourite entrance look from this group. Jackie Cox enters the workroom next, a proud Persian Queen also from New York City. I can see her giving the other queens a true run for their money. Striding in fifth is Heidi’n’Closet. I personally think she has one of the more unique and clever names to enter the halls of Drag Race fame. She is also insanely talented. Sailing in on a wave of pure fashion opulence is Gigi Goode. What can I say, I’m completely obsessed with this Queen. Her make up is flawless, and don’t even get me started on her entrance look. Obviously, she is my top look, I can’t resist a good period piece. Last but not least is Crystal Methyd. She’s fun, quirky, yet not overbearing in the slightest. I’m very excited to see what she brings to the show’s challenges.

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Once this first seven Queens enter, they quickly learn of the double premiere twist. They are also presented with one of my favourite mini-challenges. Double fashion show yay! This year’s themes are Spring and Fall looks. There wasn’t really a bad look for me other than Heidi’s Spring look that malfunctioned. Some of the standouts were Brita, Crystal, and of course Gigi. 

I loved that Raven was on the sidelines, as well as Mayhem Miller and Kimora Black as “Kim and Kanye”. After the fashion show, it’s time to de-drag and also receive this week’s Maxi Challenge. I enjoy the downtime where we really get to know the Queens, especially the confessional commentaries. 

This week’s maxi challenge is a dance and rap routine to “I’m That Bitch”. Writing seems to go well, but the girls run into some issues when it comes to choreography. With Widow and Heidi nominated to be choreographers, things were meant to run smoothly. However, that quickly falls apart when everyone tries to step in and take control. Thankfully they work it out to deliver a stellar performance. Again, there really wasn’t a bottom, which is reflected in the judging portion of the show.

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After the Queens walk the runway, everyone seems to receive very good critiques. The harshest was Nicki Minaj’s comment about Heidi’s make up. It’s not often that there are no obvious bottoms, but that could be a move by production so that the top two lip-sync happened smoothly. Speaking of, what a fantastic lip sync! I felt kind of bad for GiGi as her outfit was not conducive to dancing, but boy did she still work it. Widow ends up taking the win, deservedly so. Her performance was so high energy and entertaining that it was a given. After such a high quality turns out, I’m excited to see what the second group brings.

Untucked Bonus!

I really adore Untucked, as it always gives us extra time with all of the Queens and bonus goodies. In the old days, it’d be the interior illusions lounge, with frequent appearances by the fuzzy pink box. I love how it’s evolved in its own way and is still a quality supplier of meme material. Most of all I love it when we get to see messages from loved ones. Some of them are truly heartwarming and really show the vulnerability of a particular Queen. As we are just in episode 1, we haven’t had any of those moments yet, but I predict we will experience one soon.

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This episode was definitely cute, I enjoyed seeing how positive and supportive everyone is. Many of the Queen’s humour really came out, making for a lighter atmosphere. It was also nice to get closure from Guest Judge Nicki Minaj in regards to Heidi’s make-up. I hope she’s able to take that advice and really run with it. Heidi’n’Closet is one of those Queens who’s really growing on me the more I watch her. She seems so genuine and sweet. I hope she does well in the competition.

That’s about it folks! Next week we will get the second batch of Queens and be able to see how the cast is going to round out. I’m certainly looking forward to it!