The Owl House (S01E07) “Lost In Language”


Totally engaged by the stories this was telling, this episode of Owl House surprised me. The stride this show hit early allows them to experiment, focus on the characters surrounding our main characters. The life of Luz is getting more complex just as Bonesborough is getting infinitely more bizarre. (Ahead: spoilers).


Adventures In Reading


2 of the characters that have the most complicated dynamic on the show are Luz and Amity, and they get more complex when Luz finds out a secret at the library. The lives of these two intersect and differ in ways like their manga fandom. Their story in this episode starts with Luz discovering that Amity reads to children from a storybook that’s suitably bizarre. As expected, this revelation causes tension as Luz tries to bond through books.


The surface differences between Luz (Sarah-Nicole Robles) and Amity (Mae Whitman) run deep but they make their similarities profound. It drops Luz into a very awkward position as she tries to befriend the popular mean witch, while being the only human in this world. Together, they’re the odd couple. An easy story would be these two having to work together in the library, but they throw in a nice twist.


Double Trouble


The matter at hand gets interrupted by Amity’s older troublemaking siblings, Emira & Edric. Luz is instantly smitten by these smooth and sarcastic teens, but you can tell that these are just into causing chaos. Luz excels at seeing the others’ goodness, but these two are irredeemable. Emira (Erica Lindbeck) and her brother’s fortes include picking on Amity’s extracurricular activity, cutting class and other mischief that we will be finding out about later in the episode.


The motivator that is Luz wants to please these seemingly cool kids, volunteering to help Edric (Ryan O’Flanagan) & Emira. Them or Amity, who will Luz choose? It’s worth mentioning there is a “Wailing Star” passing over the library tonight. To prove they’re bad, the twins plan on breaking into the library that night. My money was on Luz stopping them but she doesn’t. They team up to see what magical events occur in the library when the Wailing Star (that actually wails) passes over, much to Amity’s chagrin.

The Good Witch Azura


Inside the library that night, the books were adopting magical properties. Imminent trouble wouldn’t deter Luz from discovering the wonders the library has to offer. Survivors of this night will never forget it. No explosion occurs, except emotional ones, but the books start conjuring effects specific to them (ie snow based books spout snowballs) and causes mischief. The building fills up with more magical books and the twins just keep getting worse. The same can’t be said for Luz, who just wants to see things. The twin’s true mission was something sinister.


Could there be something more sinister than messing with books that have magical potential? These 2 have been searching for Amity’s safe space, a room in the library. The building tension within Luz comes forth when she discovers that Amity reads Luz’s favorite manga along with Amity’s diary. Around them are the twins trying to take it. Alive after the shenanigans so far, Amity interrupts Luz and the twins who leave Luz and Amity to clean up their mess.


One way Luz and Amity has to clean up is dealing with the corrupted children’s book character, Otabin. The solution is found by Amity because she was reading the book to children. The phrase “Enemy of my enemy” comes to my mind right here. Them trying to put the Otabin back in his book allows Amity to see Luz’s strengths. Together, Luz and Amity bond over their love of  Azura leading to Luz giving Amity the book she’s missing.

Adventures In Babysitting

Moments like that balance well with babysitter Eda. The lives of Eda and King become complicated when they’re unceremoniously selected to babysit the Bat Queen’s offspring. Not long after finding the baby on their doorstep, things worsen. Their side of this episode was brief but kept me entertained with laughs. King was especially adorable as he competed with the baby. Their plan of just dealing with the baby through willpower failed.


A heart-to-heart connection is what Eda really needed to calm the bat baby down. It’s important to see this sensitive side to Eda. Away from the eccentric wanted witch, we don’t really know much about Eda. This air of mystery balances well with these moments. Alone with the child, she is able to let down barriers. The comfort she feels with the bat baby explains her fondness of Luz’s youthfulness. Together, Eda (Wendie Malick) is forming a family unit around herself which she might have a sordid past with. Some honesty ia required on this topic.


These survivors of Bonesborough can overcome anything when they coöperate on things. Down in her core, Eda loves and needs Luz and King (Alex Hirsch) if she wants to make it through life. Hope for Eda rekindles as she takes care of three baby bats. This place is improving Luz but she is improving it and its citizens too. These survivors keep adding to their clan and its their eccentricities that allow them to bond together. They perish if they go solo, but they don’t have to.

Isabella Freakin’ Rossellini


Right as Eda and King got the babies down to sleep, Luz returned home. Luz scouts the house for any other shenanigans but hears a tapping. The explosion in my head when I saw the bat queen. The end of the scene made me realize that she had her voice provided by Isabella Rossellini. They saved their best guest star for this. Mission accomplished, The Owl House.


These others, as they would normally be considered, are actively making their community a better place even if Eda wants to believe she’s selfish. I anticipated to laugh with this show but I’m surprised how touched I have been. For all the zaniness that goes on in this show, its messages are for everyone. Time will tell how our characters get affected by one character and one only.



Everything is Luz.


Wrap Up


Luz’s mission to the library allowed for some interesting character development. Those last changes to Luz and Amity’s relationship: permanent or temporary? All those dramatic moments at the library could distract you from the character moments for Eda. Her motherly instincts when taking care of the baby bat creatures suggests that her past may have family involved. I expect to see more sides of Eda before this first season is over.