Manifest (S02E08) “Carry On”

The first episode of Manifest after it’s explosive mid-season finale was not one to miss and was arguably one of the best episodes of the show’s second season. After fans were left reeling from the potential death of Olive’s (Luna Blaise) new boyfriend TJ (Garrett Wareing), the two-week wait was well worth it. The episode began with Michaela (Melissa Roxburgh) at the scene of the explosion, finding a bracelet on the body of a male who is presumably TJ. Olive soon learns that her new love is dead, and the episode shows her struggle with grief.

Better Together

Olive and Ben (Josh Dallas) have one of the most compelling bonds on the show, and this episode highlights their relationship. After Ben gets a calling where he hears chanting. He takes Olive with him to a building near the church that exploded. Olive has found a new way to heal from her loss, the father-daughter duo embark on an almost creepy adventure in an underground tunnel system. As they approach a small metal gate, they hear the voice of TJ. Just hours away from death, he was saved.

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Olive and Ben (NBC)

Jared’s (JR Ramirez) storyline with the X’er group has been slowly unraveling over the past 5 or 6 episodes and seems to be approaching its climax. Michaela and Drea (Ellen Tamaki) began building a case against Jared.  Following him to the bar that his new girlfriend Tamara (Leah Gibson) works at. This is where the two detectives see him kiss his new girlfriend. Michaela’s jealousy didn’t come as a shock to most. Her relationship with Zeke has been moving at such a fast pace. Has she really moved on from Jared? It seems like an impossibility. Drea later goes undercover to get information on the X’ers. This leads to Michaela’s decision to turn Jared into their new Captain (Andrene Ward-Hammond). Whether Jared is undercover or not hasn’t been revealed yet. I am sure we will find that out in episodes to come.

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Tamara and Jared (NBC)

The Risk is Worth it

Saanvi (Parveen Kaur) has taken a slightly darker turn this season, as we’ve seen her risk her life multiple times in an attempt to stop the death dates. In the previous episode, we saw other passengers get a calling that Saanvi didn’t receive. This indicates that she had caused some kind of change with her potential cure. This episode, Saanvi ran tests on Zeke (Matt Long), who has started to freeze 6 months before his death date. Saanvi doesn’t mention the ‘cure’ to Zeke, but we later see the young doctor out of the hospital with her ex-girlfriend Alex, who she kisses. Later we learn that Saanvi has no recollection of the moment she shared with her ex. She comes to terms that this could be a side effect of her treatment.

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Zeke and Saanvi (NBC)

Although many aspects of this episode could be seen as storyline fillers. I believe it was one of the most well written and interesting episodes of the show’s second season so far. Manifest continues to stay above average in ratings. We are just four episodes away from its season finale. Manifest continues to fascinate viewers, making it more likely to be renewed for a third season.


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