Will & Grace (S11E13) “Filthy Phil, Part II”

In this episode of Will & Grace, can they get through to Karen before it’s too late? Happiness always comes with a price. (Spoilers Ahead)

Perspective and Sacrifice

Will (Eric McCormack) and Grace (Debra Messing) are concerned for Karen (Megan Mullally), as they should be. She has been seduced by Phil (Joel McHale), and there is no getting through to her. When they find out she is being taken to a cabin in the woods, how could they not think the worst? As we know, nothing good happens out there in the wilderness, that’s how horror movies are made.

The time to get involved is now, so it comes as no surprise that Will and Grace can’t stand idly by. Joined by Friday (Vanessa Bayer), they are ready to save the day. It seems as though Karen doesn’t need much saving though, she and Phil are enjoying each other’s company instead of some diabolical plot to a b-slasher flick. Although a simple game of truth-or-dare ends up in “marriage”.

For better or worse?

Phil is unsettling, and it’s hard to pinpoint exactly what his intentions are. Now that he and Karen have sealed the deal, this changes everything. If money is what he is after, it’s exactly what he is going to get. Phil’s horror movie references do not help Will and Grace’s paranoia, and Karen’s absence isn’t helping the situation any.

willandgraces11e132 - Will & Grace (S11E13) "Filthy Phil, Part II"
Alive and well, for now? (Photo by: Chris Haston/NBC)

When Karen turns up very much alive, they have some explaining to do, but not before confronting Phil and trying to talk some sense into Karen. She doesn’t want to see Phil for who he really is, a con man. Is their friendship done? Will 20 years be thrown down the drain? It seemed like a possibility, until Phil showed his true colours, leaving Karen in the dust.

Good thing the marriage wasn’t actually real and her friends were there in her hour of need. She had the blinders on, but she knew he wasn’t who he seemed. She just wanted to be loved, and I think many people can relate to that. One thing for certain, they will always have each other’s backs.

Jack’s second act

The grand re-opening to Jack’s (Sean Hayes) biggest and brightest business venture brings out another side of him. He is in control and want’s everything to be official. This is very different from the Jack we used to know, he has grown and evolved so much. Desperate for his business to thrive, and to impress a prominent reporter (T.R. Knight) in the gay community, he lies to give himself and his business an edge.

willandgraces11e136 - Will & Grace (S11E13) "Filthy Phil, Part II"
Queers. Where everybody knows you’re gay. (Photo: IMDB)

When it backfires and comes back to haunt him, no one is surprised. This is when Coco (Miss Coco Peru) steps in, to give him a few words of wisdom. Jack needs to find something that he is passionate about (other than himself), and bring that into his business. He needs to find his own way and doesn’t disappoint. The bar is important not just to him, but to all of them. It is a place for them to be themselves. This is when Queers is born.

Closing Thoughts

Onward and upward, is where our dear friends seem to be going. It’s nice to see that even though their friendship was tested, in the end, they figure it out. The series is quickly coming to a close and there are only 5 episodes left. I anticipate more closure and their stories coming full circle.

You can catch a new episode of Will & Grace, Thursday, March 12 on NBC at 9/8c.

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