Batwoman(S01E14) “Grinning Ear From Ear”

Alright my readers this episode brought us the biggest and well known villain from the comics that we know in recent comics to this day. It was an amazing episode, so let’s get to this review!

So in this episode we meet a girl who goes by the name of Duela Dent (Alessandra Torresani) who has a bit of an identity disorder. What I mean is when she looks at herself in the mirror she sees ugly and disfigured not as disfigured as her uncle Harvey Dent aka Two-Face. But one night she chooses to cut her face up, give herself the biggest smile ever which caused her to get committed to Arkham by her mother Evelyn Dent (Kate Isaac).

And of course once she was released from Arkham, Duela goes on a spree of carving a smile on everyone’s faces. “Why so serious?” it seems like that was the real question within this episode and Duela carving those smiles. I mean Duela even carved a smile onto her own mother.

In the comics Duela Dent had many aliases but the well known alias she had was “The Joker’s Daughter” only because Duela’s father was not put on the birth certificate. So in the comics when she carved a smile on her face she went insane laughing maniacally. So that’s why in the comics she was titled as the Jokers daughter. However Duela in the comics had a major identity disorder which forced her to believe that not only Joker was her father but she also believed Scarecrow being her father. Or Penguin being her father, she even tried being a fake Riddler and Harley Quinn.

Duela wasn’t the only one having a problem in this episode. Sophie (Megan Tandy) had a big issue in this episode; Sophie had her mother Diane (Jeryl Prescott) come to visit. And the worst part is it wasn’t even a visit to see how she’s doing only to chew her out to try to get the truth out of her. Well, Diane got a truth but it sure wasn’t the truth she was expecting. Sophie finally opened up to her mother on being gay, and she did it in the best way she possibly could do it. And with that news Sophie’s mother understood and was disappointed by her daughters decision.

This episode definitely had its fast paced moments that brought a big amount of hype to this episode. We’ve already been introduced to the next element that is going to be used in next weeks episode. It’s scarecrows fear gas; we were first introduced by the gas in the Elseworlds crossover and now we will be seeing it again next week.

Next Episode: Batwoman(S01E15) “Off With Her Head” airs Sunday March 15, 2020 at 8/7c on The CW