Supergirl(S05E14) “The Bodyguard”

Alright my readers we had another great episode brought to us tonight. It was a great episode that helped people be reintroduced to one of the villains of the season. So let’s get to this review!

So with this episode we had Andrea/Acrata (Julie Gonzalo) life being threatened by an unknown assailant and the only one who can protect her is Kara/Supergirl (Melissa Benoist) but is the assailant really unknown?

Well we find out that the assailant is not so unknown but is a grieving widow. Whose husband  worked for Andrea and became incredibly obsessed with the VR system obsedian. Which we were even able to see a little of that obsession with it. Was it something that Andrea looked into? Nope, instead she just shrugged it off as a one time occurrence.

Well obviously it’s not a one time occurrence if the widow thinks it’s going to happen again. The assailant went so far to try to take down the whole system. Which would’ve killed many people and would’ve turned her into a villain. But no one wants to be the villain.

In this episode while Andrea was trying to stay safe she activated her shadow powers again. Or for her first time since after crisis. But yes it looks like Acrata is making her way back into the picture of this season. Question remains, will she be the villain? Or an anti-hero? It’s hard to say what role she’ll play in the second half of the season.

And I really hate the path that Lena (Katie McGrath) is taking in this season going further and further into becoming the new Lex (Jon Cryer) and I just hate that. To have Lena go down the way how Lex did it makes her an even worse character in my opinion. I know a lot of fans will disagree with me, but if she would’ve left that prisoner in the state of anger and revenge that he felt. Then Lena would have become the next hated villain in the history of the series. But instead Lena did try her best to help that prisoner and in a way she did but in a control way. So that being said is she different from Lex? I really have to say no, she is twenty times worse than Lex in my opinion. What’s worst is she can’t see that Lex is trying to get himself in with Leviathan which I feel like is not going to have the same leadership. I personally feel like we might see Talia Al’Ghul as the leader of Leviathan if they really did make lots of changes to this earth like how they make us believe. I suppose we will see soon enough!

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