This Is Us (S04E16) “New York, New York, New York”

After a week off, This Is Us returns with another powerful and moving episode.

“New York, New York, New York,” tells of a such a moving story of Rebecca as we see three different stories past and present. We see Rebecca Jack and the big three going to New York City for the day.

red carpet this is us - This Is Us (S04E16) "New York, New York, New York"But after a few delays, everyone got to see what they wanted except for Rebecca, who missed out visiting a museum. 

Another would be when Rebecca, Randall, and Beth visit Kevin and Sophie in New York City to see Kevin’s show. Kevin takes everyone for pizza and tries to introduce his teacher to Rebecca, trying to maybe set them up. Even Rebecca does go out with that guy, she didn’t get to see the museum that she tried to go see when she remembers a moment when she; Jack and the family rode in a horse carriage.

The present: Randall has found a place where Rebecca can go for her condition and gets Kevin and Kate’s approval to back him up. But when Kevin takes Rebecca to the red carpet of his premiere, Kevin wants to hold back but Randall tells her anyway and upsets her.

As Rebecca walks off, Kevin and Randall find her at the museum where she has always wanted to go since she was a child to look at a painting that she describes. She tells them that she doesn’t want to go for that trial and wants to live out her life to the fullest with her family. But they leave, Kevin tells Randall that she wants what she wants; but Randall thinks that she’s doing this because she’s scared and tells Kevin that he’s been living a “what if” in his head every day since that fire. Next week’s episode will be a “what if” Jack lived after that fire.

This was an amazing episode from start to finish; probably one of the best episodes of the season that gave us a lot to take in. As a caretaker for a relative for 10 years, this episode hits a bit close to home just a little. I can see that if Kevin could just use the right words towards Randall that they could be on board with each other. Both have different opinions towards this situation and while I think Randall’s belief is correct; I lean towards Kevin’s belief as he respects his mother’s decision.

Mandy Moore gives her best performance in this episode. But it was that moment when Kevin and Randall found Rebecca at the museum and she describes the meaning of the painting. When the camera is at Rebecca’s face as she describes the meaning of the painting; it not only gave goosebumps and a tearful moment; but from that point understand that her decision to not take the drug trial was a meaningful one and it’s a decision that she finally makes. If Mandy Moore doesn’t get an Emmy nomination or a win for that matter something is deadly wrong.

Overall, I give this episode a 9.5/10.

What did you think of the episode? Who’s side are you on Kevin or Randall? Leave a comment below and tell us your thoughts.

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