Bob Hearts Abishola (S01E17) “A Big White Thumb”

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A long and painful wait, but Bob hearts Abishola has returned to our screens to put smiles on our faces and joy in our hearts.

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Let’s get into this episode now shall we?

Church, yes you heard it! This episode explores the Christian side of Abishola and the religious dynamics of our well… dynamic duo.

After Sunday service, Tunde berates Pastor Balogun (Uchenna ‘Conphidance’ Echeazu) about the number of hallelujah he said during the service. Pastor Balogun the goes on to speak to Abishola concerning Bob. Abishola expresses surprise as to how the pastor knows about him and he responds by saying “A little birdie told me”. Aunty Olu goes to make Chirping sounds indicating that she is the little birdie.

At lunch the following day, Kemi discusses her constant troubles with Chukwuemeka’s mother. Abishola also raises concerns that Dele’s friends will tease him if she brings Bob to church. Kemi says that the only white man in their church is Jesus and Gloria (Vernee Watson) says the Jesus in their church is a black man and Abishola and Kemi exchange worrisome looks.

At dinner, Abishola brings up the topic of church and asks Bob to accompany her. He jokes about the whole notion of believing in an Almighty being and the entire family is offended. He calls Abishola later that night to apologize and agree to accompany her to church.

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At Church, Bob stands out like ‘A Big White thumb’ among all the black people and he feels awkward. He tries his best to play along with the ‘Amens’ and ‘Hallelujahs’. Pastor Balogun asks if anyone was worshipping with them for the first time and the entire congregation belts out Bob’s name. After the service Bob has a rather awkward encounter with Emeka and Dele shuns him when he tries to approach him.

Bob and Abishola  go back to the park bench where they have their first date and Abishola jokes that she’s only with him for the free socks.  The episode ends with Kemi bathing Emeka while they plan a double date with Bob, Abishola and … ‘mummy’. The latter taken out of the picture when Kemi ‘mistakenly’ drops the soap!

Personally, I found this episode very entertaining and I do not think I have any criticisms.

A 9/10 for sure.

Bob hearts Abishola returns March 30th on CBS.