Star Trek Picard (S01E08) “Broken Pieces”

Hello, fellow trekkies! It’s time for my review of the latest episode of Picard entitled ‘Broken Pieces’. Let’s get right to it.

In the beginning

The episode opens on a planet called AIA; The Grief World fourteen years ago. We are given a history of how the Tal Shiar was originally formed. We see Narissa (Peyton List) and several other Romulan women about to go through the ‘Admonition’. Oh (Tamlyn Tomita) is there, and tells the ladies that the things they are about to see may very well drive them mad.

There are horrifying visions and several women ended up killing themselves because they couldn’t stand the pain. Narissa is the only one left standing. She asks how they can stop the impending doom, and Oh tells her to start on Mars.

Back in the present, Narissa visits with her aunt Ramdha (Rebecca Wisocky) who is in a coma. She tells her aunt what’s been going on, and says she can come with the fleet to the synth homeworld if she wakes up.

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Elnor and Seven on The Artifact. Photo from IMDB.
a strange reaction

In another area of The Artifact, Elnor (Evan Evagroa) is finally located. Several guards attempt to capture him. He puts up one heck of a fight, but the guards start to swarm him. Just as things look bleak, Seven of Nine (Jeri Ryan) shows up and kills the guards, freeing Elnor.

On La Sirena, Picard (Patrick Stewart) introduces Soji (Isa Briones) to Rios (Santiago Cabrera). Rios is acting very strange. Picard tells him to lay in a course for Deep Space Twelve. They are going to need support before they made their next move.

Raffi (Michelle Hurd) fills in Picard about what happened with Agnes. She also questions Picard about Soji. ‘Tell me JL. What is Soji really like? Do you know?’

Picard is able to meet with Admiral Clancy (Ann Magnuson) who agrees to send troops to DS12. Raffi goes to talk to Rios on the bridge, but quickly realized she is talking to one of his holograms instead. This one is in charge of navigation.

Raffi shows him a diagram she had obtained from The Artifact. He tells her that it is a map of an octonary system consisting of eight planets. Raffi surmises that The Conclave of Eight was actually a group of planets and not a group of people as she had originally thought.

too many holograms

Back on the cube, Seven begins to regenerate the cube so they could take it back from the Romulans. Picard and Soji eat a meal together. Picard is trying his best to understand Soji. ‘You have a past. A story waiting to be claimed’. Soji asks him about Data, and he tells her all about him. Picard says that he loved Data in his own way.

Raffi visits another hologram in engineering. She finds out that Rios is hiding in his cabin. Upon further reflection, Raffi figures out that the octonary system is a warning. A drunk Rios sits in his cabin and opens a crate. He grabs a small box and opens it. Inside is a photograph, and what appears to be a drawing of him and Soji.

On The Artifact, Seven has to face the tough decision of whether she wants to assimilate the Borg who are in stasis to defend the ship.

Raffi gathers the five holograms together in Picard’s study. She finds out that Rios had a breakdown and was dismissed from Starfleet. It had something to do with the ship Ibn Majid. The information is classified. There is also talk of a woman named Jana.

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Picard sharing a meal with Soji. Photo from IMDB.
visons of terror

Agnes wakes up from her coma. Picard speaks with her and confirms that she did indeed murder Maddox. Agnes tells Picard what Commodore Oh did to her, but can’t go into detail because Oh put a psychic block around the memories so she couldn’t talk about it openly.

The armageddon that was portrayed in the visions happened over 200 000 years ago. In the current age, the universe had reached a threshold, and things would start happening with the coming of Seb Cheneb. The Destroyer, who is Soji.

Raffi is finally able to talk to Rios. He tells her about Captain Vandermeer, his mentor. He was a murderer. Simultaneously, Agnes is talking with Soji.

Rios weaves the tale. About nine years ago they came across a ship in the Vayt sector. Unknown origin. They prepare for First Contact. Two ambassadors appear. Beautiful Flower and Jana. Rios and Vandermeer eat lunch with them and then in a matter of hours he kills them in cold blood, and then Vandermeer kills himself.

Agnes peppers Soji with questions about her humanity. Soji has a response ‘Do you consider me to be a person like you?’

putting it all together

Rios finds out that there was a Black Flag directive from Starfleet to destroy the synths. If they did not obey, the Ibn Madrid would have been destroyed. Rios covered it up and saved the crew, but at the expense of Vandermeer and his own sense of honor.

Seven ends up reassimilating herself into the cube to connect with the other Borg. Narissa orders the doors to open, and thousands of Borg are hurled into space.

Agnes appears in the dining area with Soji and they join Picard, Raffi, and Rios. Agnes informs them she will turn herself in and then she apologizes. Raffi pieces the whole story together. Soji becomes very upset and runs off. She starts to commandeer the ship.

Picard intervenes and tells Rios to let Soji be. Soji then pleads with Rios. “Captain Rios. Please take me home. For Jana’s sake.’

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Soji at the ships’ helm. Photo from IMDB.
it’s all one big betrayal

Back on the cube, some of the surviving Borg are able to detain Narissa, but it’s too late. The fleet is already underway to the synth planet. Now that they have control of the cube, Elnor is worried that he would get assimilated too, but the collective let Seven go. ‘Annika still has work to do’.

While they are en route to the synth planet, Rios and Picard have a conversation about what happened. Picard says ‘the ban itself was a betrayal’, and that ‘fear is the greatest destroyer’. They arrive at Soji’s homeworld and go through the barrier, with another ship unknowingly following close behind.


Well, we’re back to the action folks! Plus it looks like we finally got the whole story pieced together. I am excited to see what the synth homeworld looks like. I wonder how many synths actually live there?

Next week cannot come soon enough people!

Catch the next episode of Picard on Thursday, March 20th on CBS All-Access and Crave

Thanks for reading my review!