The Witch Subversion (2020) Movie Review

The Witch Subversion is a film that was just released on blu ray from South Korean and distribute from WellGoUSAEntertainment. The film is directed byPark Hoon- Jung who wrote the screen play for a very good film I really like which was I Saw The Devil.

The film starts off with a bunch of dead body’s and a little girl by the name of Ja- Yoon escaping a government type felicity  after she passes out she is taken in by these people that live on on a farm and is raised as there own daughter.

Ten years later Ja-Yoon is older and helping her family on there farm but when her mother starts to have some health problems along with Ja-Yoon  who is experiencing some painful headaches recently she soon realize she  needs to find some way to help her mother out along with herself out.
After awhile Ja-yoon best friend talks her into trying out for a audition we’re if she is chosen she could earn enough money for herself and her family if she is pick as the winner.
After the audition  goes great she is pick but  the people who she ran away from ten years ago find out she alive  because of the broadcasting of the audition and are willing kill anyone to get her back.

The thing I really like about this film is probably the performance by Kim Da-Mi as Ja-Yoon the way she plays the character is really good . During the first part she comes across as a nice kind person who just trying to help her family but during the last half the way she plays her other more deadly personality is really incredible and makes the film worth watching multiple of times.

The Witch Subversion dose take a little bit to get going but never once was I bored  because how much stuff was going plus how crazy the last half got makes all the building up including the twist worth the wait.

If your a fan of South Korean films and don’t mind reading subtitles I would highly recommend watching this movie.

4 out 5 stars