Grey’s Anatomy (S16E17) “Life on Mars?”

greys anatomy s16 ep 17 300x169 - Grey's Anatomy (S16E17) "Life on Mars?"

This weeks episode of Grey’s Anatomy was heavily focussed on the hospital and it’s beloved doctors trying to recover and move on from Alex Karev’s (Justin Chambers) heartbreaking exit. The doctors aren’t the only ones that were struggling to recover from lag episode, as I myself are having a hard time coming to the terms with the unrealistic and out of character way that Alex was written off. Here are some of the main themes of this episode:

Moving on from Alex

It was heartbreaking to see all the characters attempting to adapt to their life without Alex, especially Jo (Camilla Luddington). We have witnessed her go through so much ever since she stepped foot in Grey Sloan memorial hospital and here she is with her heart broken once again. Despite being seen incredibly bitter about the whole situation throughout the episode, towards the end Jo admitted to Link that she is a changed woman because of Alex and he reminded her that she could be loved. This broke my heart into a million pieces as it reminded me of how beautiful a couple Jo and Alex were, and i am once again reminded of why I’m so devastated that they are over. Jo’s speech does have a very empowering meaning to it, with her exposing that she will rise and become a better/stronger person from this. We are all here rooting for you girl!

Another nice aspect of the scene was Jo encouraging Link (Chris Carmack) to go after Amelia (Catarina Scorsone) and fight for their relationship. Since we don’t have many strong friendships currently on the show, the interaction between these two characters is always nice to watch.

Also struggling to move on from Alex’s departure is leading lady Meredith (Ellen Pompeo), as she explains to Bailey (Chandra Wilson) that she is unsure of how she can go on without Alex. Bailey explains how she always wanted to be last one standing in her class, until it was just her and Callie (Sara Ramirez) who eventually departed herself, she now realises how lonely it can be being the only one left. Even though this scene was very heartbreaking to watch, instead of making me emotional it is making me feel more depressed. Bailey goes on explaining how the hospital are going to experience further loss as Richard Webber (James Pickens Jr) is stepping away form surgery. This scene really highlighted for me the amount of irreplaceable losses the show has had throughout the years, with these losses only getting worse this has left me concerned as to how the show is going to put itself back on track after this.

The love triangle continues

On the subject of aftermaths Teddy Altman (Kim Raver) is having to deal with her guilt after cheating on Owen (Kevin McKidd) with Tom (Greg German). The cause of Teddy’s actions was due to her relationship insecurities increasing after discovering that there is a possibility that Amelia’s baby is Owens. She admits her unfaithfulness to Maggie (Kelly McCreary), blaming Amelia for keeping this a secret just when she was starting to like her. Maggie then argues her point explaining that Teddy is being hypocritical, just when Maggie herself was starting to like her. This interaction rubbed me the wrong way for many reasons, mainly because the Teddy I fell in love would never blame Amelia  for this situation. Another reason I dislike this scene is as I previously mentioned the show is lacking on good on screen friendships, one that I thought had potential is this one between Teddy and Maggie, even possibly between Teddy and Amelia, this now looks like it’s not going to happen anytime soon.

Just when I thought this love triangle couldn’t get anymore unbearable we witness Teddy once again going back to Tom at the end of the episode. Are you telling me that this out of character writing for Teddy is going to continue ???? However at the end of the episode the incredibly dragged out ‘who’s the daddy?”storyline comes to an end as it is revealed by Amelia that Link is the father of her child. Although I have to admit I was slightly pulling my hair out at the end of the episode as since Link is the father all this extra drama was completely pointless! Yet I am very happy for Amelia that she is going to have a baby with someone who loves her and is going to treat her right, after all Amelia has been through and the awful way Owen has treated her its truly what she deserves!