Batwoman(S01E15) “Off With Her Head”

Alright my readers this was a very interesting episode brought to us tonight. Oh boy was it an interesting one, we had horrifying effects, insane story, and origin of the necklace both Kate and Beth wore when they were kids. So let’s get to this review!

So in this episode we are finally able to understand how Alice (Rachel Skarsten) became the way she is today. Because Alice was wanting to find her Mouse (Sam Littlefield) she was able to track him down but for a price. After Alice freed Mouse he turned on her throwing her into her own fears with the help of Scarecrows fear toxin.

Because of the fear toxin it brought everything that Alice fears to life in a hallucinogenic way. With these fears coming to life we were brought right into Alice’s wonderland or I should say her nightmares. Being taken back to when Young Beth (Gracyn Shinyei) first started taking the persona of Alice during her days of captivity. And August Cartwright (John Emmet Tracy) mother who was also known as the Queen of Hearts/Mabel Cartwright (Debra Mooney) was coming to live with the family.

With all of the family drama happening with the Cartwright family, the continued abuse still happened with Beth/Alice. And Mabel didn’t make it any easier by trying to make our poor big bad feel awful about herself. Breaking her to her lowest, for example if the tea was too hot then Mabel would burn Alice’s hands. Which explains why Alice sometimes wears clothing that hides the palms of her hands. Because deep down she doesn’t want people to see the scars.

Honestly I really loved this episode, because, yes it shows us how tortured Alice was in your life growing up. But it makes you feel sorry for the villainous character as well. The flashback music to the score when Alice was being mistreated was a phenomenal piece of music. From the acting that Rachel Skarsten and Gracyn Shinyei did combined with that score of Alice’s past it all touched your heart strings to the fullest.

This whole episode was a big treat and at first I wasn’t sure how August knew about Dr. Crane/Scarecrow’s fear gas. But after hearing those two were colleagues it made sense. Not only does this episode bring to us Alice’s dark and torturous past but it brings us Kate’s (Ruby Rose) struggle to be the hero Gotham needs. But will Kate be able to come back from doing what she did to August?

I also would love to say that both Blake Neely and Sherri Chung both did a phenomenal job with the score for this episode. The score to this episode touched all of our hearts and will forever stay with me and I’m sure it will stay with all of the fans of the show too. It’s because of these two musical geniuses, is the reason why I fell in love Batwoman series. I will forever be grateful for the talent they bring to this series.

Next Episode: Batwoman(S01E16) “Through the Looking-Glass” airs Sunday March 22, 2020 at 8/7c on The CW