RuPaul’s Drag Race (S12E03) “World’s Worst”

After two premieres we finally have all our Queens together. While I love having smaller groups so we really get to know everyone, I was eager for everything to finally kick-off. Of course, the mini-challenge would be something that could cause drama, but oh that twist. I love that the bottom rated queens got given teams. It really gave them a chance to shine that they may not have had. Well except for Heidi, as she will clearly shine regardless of the situation she’s in. She is quickly becoming my favourite, Gigi definitely has some competition.

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I was exceptionally happy to see that The Queen Who Shall Not Be Named was virtually edited out even though she actually won the day. I’m happy that the studio is taking this seriously and that they are sticking to their guns. It’s nice to see a studio use their power for good for once. This is a situation that could have gone a very different way and I’m glad none of the other queens are suffering for it. 

As for the main challenge, most of the groups did really well. The obvious bottoms did lip sync, but I wouldn’t have been surprised if Crystal had been one of them. I love Crystal in the workroom, but I agree with the judges. She needs to show more of herself on the main stage, and less of the mask she presents in her place. I think that any of the Queens who are hiding need to step up. This year has so many big personalities that no one can afford to float. The only way to come out on top is to shine and outdo everyone else every time. I do hope that they are all ready for the battle of their lives.

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Honestly, I’m waiting for the Snatch Game. I find that is the challenge that really separates the tops from the bottoms. It’s also one of the most entertaining episodes every season. One can look at it as the ultimate litmus test for a Drag Queen. It takes makeup skills, quick wit, and extensive character knowledge to pull off a seamless impression. When they nail it, it’s great. When they don’t… well it doesn’t get forgotten for a long time. Hopefully, they do it early in the season so we really see how everyone shakes out.